BV Certificate 4'x10' Stainless Steel Embossed Metal Plate with Various Texture

BV Certificate 4'x10' Stainless Steel Embossed metal Plate with Various texture 1. Product Introduction Stainless Steel Embossed Metal Plate, which has many features that beautiful look, endurable, wear-resisting, visual appearance, easy to clean, free maintenance, Anti-press,...

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Description of Stainless Steel Sheet

This one Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet is a embossed Sheet both sides. We called it " 6WL". The pattern is " Rice Line", there are many patterns closes to it. Like " Pearl-Acrylic", " droplet", " large drop of water", " Hammer Line". So let Doris show you these related pictures for the embossed stainless steel sheet.


          " Hammer Line"                           " Rice Line"


         "Stone Line"                                       "6WL"

Feature of Stainless Steel Sheet

The embossed stainless steel sheet has advantages as follows:

1. non-slip, long use. 

We will make accurate check and inspection when every step. Avoid to having slip to ensure we do a good job. Check and clean the surface of the stainless steel sheet before coating color, so that will save more time and guarantee the quality and details problem do not exist after coating. Also can keep almost 15 years when customers use.

2. fire moisture, easy to scrub clean

Once there is dust on the surface of the stainless steel sheet, you just need to use a soft cloth to wipe it, it's very easy to scrub clean.

3. follow-up can do plating, no fingerprints and other processes.

We can provide natural color silver, and the color is no limit, also other colors, follow-up can do plating, at the same time, if you will use it for a art object, wall panel, decoration effect, we can do no fingerprints for it. Unti-Fingerprint not means there is not fingerprint on the stainless steel sheet, it means it will disappear that you just need to wipe it gently if fingerprint on the sheet. 

Well, we talked the no fingerprint at the moment, so Doris will show you the advantage of the Non-fingerprint Stainless Steel Sheet. 

On The Advantages Of Non-Fingerprint Stainless Steel Plate

In the field of decoration, stainless steel plates are everywhere, especially stainless steel plates in public places. If the surface of the bright stainless steel decorative plate is covered with fingerprints, the result will be counterproductive.

1. The appearance is strong. The non-fingerprinted stainless steel plate has the characteristics of moisturizing and bright, and retains a good metal texture.

2, the touch is improved. The non-fingerprint film layer changes the cold and dull nature of the stainless steel itself, making it feel soft and delicate, feeling warm and elegant.

3, the surface stains are easy to clean. Made of non-fingerprint stainless steel plate, the board surface is easy to clean, no need to use metal cleaning agent (to avoid blackening of the board surface), and it is not easy to stick fingerprint, dust, delicate hand feeling, good fingerprint resistance and anti-fouling effect.

4, the board is not easily scratched. No fingerprint can form a dense film on the surface of stainless steel, with high hardness, able to resist the general scratching damage from the outside.

5, enhance the stainless steel rust resistance. The non-fingerprint film layer can effectively block the external erosion and avoid the oxidation reaction of the stainless steel, and the service life of the stainless steel plate will be prolonged.

For color stainless steel, it is necessary to do fingerprint-free processing. Color-plated stainless steel plates, if exposed to air for a long period of time, may discolor and cause uneven color. After the non-fingerprint treatment is performed, the surface of the stainless steel plate can be prevented from directly contacting the outside world, and the color can be kept bright for a long time. In addition, once the colored stainless steel plate is scratched, the original color of the stainless steel is directly exposed, and the contrast is large, which affects the appearance; and the stainless steel plate without fingerprint processing can avoid the color loss effect caused by the small scratch.

To sum up, it is recommended that the stainless steel decorative plate should be handled without fingerprints as much as possible.