Design Factory Stainless Steel Etching Plate

Design Factory Stainless Steel Etching Plate

Beijing Hongsun Metal Materials Co., Ltd manufacture and sell stainless steel decorative materials approved by China Industry and Commerce Quality Inspection Bureau. It is an A-grade enterprise providing elevator metal decoration design consulting service and architectural metal decoration design.

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Color:Etching stainless steel sheet - White, can be coated by any colors

Etching stainless steel sheet are ideal ceiling material products that can be used in interior decoration. The stainless steel etched plate not only has a long service life, but also is a good material for making the protrusion and convex structure. This can enhance the beauty of the building, so it is often the main symbol of the square.

Stainless steel etching technology is a solution for cleaning metal materials, involving the removal of stainless steel scales and the passivation of stainless steel surfaces. In the production process of stainless steel wire, sheet and pipe, it is subjected to high temperature heat treatment at 800-1100 °C, and a very solid scale (layer) is formed on the surface after heat treatment.

Due to the durability of the stainless steel etched plate and the almost no need to maintain the surface, people are paying more attention to their applications than ever before. The price of most building materials has risen rapidly in a certain proportion, and many materials have risen far more than stainless steel. The cost of maintaining and maintaining a good structure inside and outside the building is even more dramatic. Today's architects must seriously consider the entire situation of the building. If the building needs to be replaced or repaired for years, the architect's design fails.

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Stainless steel etching process introduction

Stainless steel etching can be divided into shallow etching and deep etching.

The shallow etching is generally below 5C, and the screen printing process is used to etch the pattern!

Deep etching refers to the etching of a depth of 5C or more. The etching pattern has obvious irregularities and has a strong hand feeling. Generally, a photosensitive etching method is used;

The deeper the corrosion, the greater the risk, so the deeper the corrosion, the more expensive it is.

General process flow for deep corrosion:


Stainless steel plate surface cleaning treatment - spraying photosensitive ink - dry - covered with film exposure - cleaning unexposed ink - etching - cleaning - except ink - cleaning - drying - quality inspection - film package.

If the blasting depth is above 30C, it is necessary to apply two times of ink sensitization and corrosion or more times; if it is hollowing out, it is generally used to spray the etching liquid on both sides at the same time, which can speed up the corrosion and reduce the speed. Corrosion risk; stainless steel corrosion is generally used as a corrosive agent, using the strong reduction properties of iron to corrode stainless steel plates, thus forming a pattern of irregularities.

Etching stainless steels application

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Stainless steel etched stainless steel sheet VS wallpaper

Different material properties are also different, and the decorative effects and precautions are also very different. Such as wallpaper, colorful, rich patterns, affordable, but the biggest problem is the mildew, and the occurrence of mildew is usually because the air contains too much water for a long time, resulting in mildew of the wallpaper. In particular, the two spaces in the kitchen and bathroom room in the living room are the most likely factors for the mildew of the wallpaper.

In addition, the construction level and quality of the wallpaper are not easy to control, the price and grade are lower. The material with poor material has poor environmental protection and is polluted to the indoor environment. It is easy to fade in the long-term sunshine environment and easy to warp. It is more troublesome to change the new wallpaper. At this time, it is possible to use a color stainless steel etched plate instead of a wallpaper to decorate the wall surface, which can be made into various patterns and colors, safe and environmentally friendly, and the stability of the stainless steel decorative board is difficult to be changed by other factors. More expensive than wallpaper, but in the long run, it is worth the money.

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