Etching Stainless Steel Backsplash Sheet

Etching Stainless Steel Backsplash Sheet

Product description

Product Details

Product description

etching stainless steel backsplash sheet
SurfaceMirror finish sheet + etching finish
Size170x120mm, 200x200mm(samples)
wall panel, elevator door
Advantage1. pattern diversity, can custom2.No etching residue on the surface
wear resistant, corrosion resistance,strong metal feeling

The stainless steel etched plate is chemically etched on the surface of the stainless steel to etch various patterns. After 8K mirror panel, drawing plate and sand blasting plate are used as the bottom plate, after etching, the surface of the object is further processed, and the etched plate can be subjected to various complicated processes such as partial patterning, drawing, gold inlay and partial titanium. Achieve bright and dark patterns and colorful effects.


Application of stainless steel etched plate in the elevator industry

In the decoration of elevators, the application of stainless steel is becoming more and more popular. Instead of the traditional bulky marble, many developers choose stainless steel etched plates when choosing the decorative plates of elevators. It can not only be good in material and size. To meet the elevator's demand for sheet metal, it has its own unique landscaping value in terms of decoration and beautification.

In the architectural decoration decoration, the pattern etching plate is widely used. Especially in the selection of the elevator plate, the mirror panel used in general is used as the bottom plate of the elevator, and the pattern pattern is processed as needed, so that the overall effect produces a three-dimensional effect, thereby reflecting its beautification value.



The final use of the elevator is still to consider its use value and safety performance. In modern society, a variety of decorative plates are varied, and many materials have their decorative value, but they are very good in quality. Difficult to meet the requirements, the material contains a lot of harmful substances that are very harmful to people's health.

The various patterns of etched stainless steel etched plates, as well as the use of different colors, make the elevator space no longer dull, dull, and more lively.

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However, the elevator decoration is a small part of the overall decoration. The use of stainless steel etched plates is not large, and now the designers have their own ideas. The designed etching patterns are novel and unique, and it is difficult to find and The supporting supplier. HONGSUN METAL is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of stainless steel surface treatment and custom-etched stainless steel pattern plates. Our company can customize all kinds of exquisite etching door plates according to customers' requirements. We have professional stainless steel surface treatment lines and professional production masters. Customers provide a one-stop solution.