3mm Hairline Polish Stainless Steel Metal Sheet for Wall Cladding

3mm Hairline Polish Stainless Steel Metal Sheet for Wall Cladding

3mm Hairline polish Stainless Steel Metal Sheet for Wall Cladding 1.Product Introduction We will pay more attention to Metal Wall Decoration and Quality when having a good time in a Club. The better decoration will give good feeling and experience to customers; When you go to a hotel, you will...

Product Details

Description of Hairline polish stainless steel sheet

The 3mm Hairline Polish Stainless Steel Metal Sheet can be used to make a hotel or club, mall interior and exterior building decorative wall panel. It is made by our standard stainless steel raw materials, by stainless steel surface treatment and color titanium coating or not. You can choose to make color and detailed surface effect. 

Advantage of Hairline polish stainless steel sheet

. Safe and reliable raw materials:

Our raw materials all is safe and reliable. All of them that first class from BAO STEEL, NISSHIN STEEL, POSCO STEEL, TISCO STEEL and other high quality brand steel factories.

The Materials Quality Sheet could be provided.

Ⅱ. Eco-friendly, luxury and easy to clean:

We use the standard raw materials without pollution. It will show the metallic and luxury effect for building. And easy to clean.The usual cleaning methods are as follows:

the surface dust and dirt are washed with soap weak detergent and warm water. The trademark and film are washed with warm water and a small amount of detergent. The binder component is scrubbed with alcohol or an organic solvent.

the surface grease, oil, lubricating oil pollution, wipe with a soft cloth, then wash with a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or with a special detergent. If acid is attached, rinse immediately with water, dip with ammonia solution or neutral carbonated soda solution, and wash with neutral or warm water.

the stainless steel surface has a rainbow pattern, which is caused by excessive use of detergent or oil. It can be washed with warm water during washing. The rust caused by dirt on the surface of stainless steel can be washed with 10% nitric acid or grinding detergent, or with special washing drugs.

Ⅲ. Flexible color and surface treatment:

You can choose the any color we can coate, and six types surface treatment for your demand.

Ⅳ. Wide Applications

The metal stainless steel sheet forever without limit. Everywhere you can imagine and see can use it. You can imagine it small that kitchenware and ornaments, you can also imagine it big that construction building.

Ⅴ.Easy to transportation ways

We can provide cargo to any port that you request and convenient for you in China.

Picture of Hairline polish stainless steel sheet


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Package & Delivery of Hairline polish stainless steel sheet

Packing details: The wooden box is safe and fumigated. We will make it flexible according to the product's size.

Delivery details: 15-20 days after receiving advance payment




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