Hairline Finish 316 Stainless Steel Sheet

Hairline Finish 316 Stainless Steel Sheet

Beijing Hongsun Metal Materials Co., Ltd manufacture and sell stainless steel decorative materials approved by China Industry and Commerce Quality Inspection Bureau. It is an A-grade enterprise providing elevator metal decoration design consulting service and architectural metal decoration design.

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This stainless steel wire drawing plate is a brushed process using an oil mill. The texture is broken, first brushed with oil, and then plated with titanium. This brush is brown or brown. The overall application is still very wide. It is often used for wall and ceiling. The most important one is the current color plate. Both are used in the metal products industry. The metal products made of stainless steel have good quality and beautiful appearance. With some colors that are more colorful, they are not only used for decoration, but also have a service life of more than ten years. We can guarantee this to our customers.

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Thickness of Stainless steel line

There are many kinds of wire paths for brushed stainless steel surfaces. If you prefer a thinner wire, we can make the wire more fine according to your needs.

The thickness of this wire is controlled according to the number of molybdenum used in the wire drawing machine. If the number of molybdenum is larger, the wire is finer. If you want the wire to be thicker, the molybdenum number can be controlled to be smaller.

The application of stainless steel products in life

Stainless steel has been used in medical equipment for many years, and in the field of national defense construction, stainless steel rice bowls, stainless steel pots, stainless steel spoons, etc., which are often seen in people's daily life, are essential items for life. At present, stainless steel is widely used. Whether people are resistant to corrosion or durable, they can't stop the progress of stainless steel products. At this time, our company has been adhering to the principle of people-oriented, through scientific design to manufacturing, has created a number of stainless steel cabinets, a variety of styles, a variety of colors for your choice.

The hotel is a very large passenger traffic, and the high-end feeling is first of all from the interior of the hotel, and the color stainless steel products are the must-have products of today's high-end hotels. Especially for some high-end hotels with modern theme, there are countless colors of stainless steel products. In addition to its own aesthetics, color stainless steel products are made of stainless steel, so corrosion resistance, impact resistance and their unique metal characteristics make them have longer use time and are more convenient to take care of.1. the hotel color stainless steel ceiling line, this stainless steel product is also known as the wave line, the main role is to inlaid to the ceiling, compared to the pure white ceiling, with the effect of colored stainless steel ceiling lines more beautiful. At present, this kind of line mainly has European-style lines, which are bent and rounded to form a craft line. As part of the ceiling, the display is beautiful and beautiful.

2. the hotel color stainless steel wine rack, the hotel has how to drink less, the place to store wine. Every hotel will definitely store a lot of wine, so there must be a lot of wine racks. Therefore, how the production of colored stainless steel wine racks also affects the first impression of the hotel. The color stainless steel wine rack is very beautiful with its unique color and reddish color. The hotel's color stainless steel wine rack is both beautiful and practical, and the cost is very affordable.

3. the hotel color stainless steel door, the door is the first impression of the hotel, almost all modern hotels will be installed with colored stainless steel revolving doors, which has become the hotel's standard. The reason why the color stainless steel door is so popular is mainly because it is usually made of mirrored titanium (black gold, rose gold) plate, and then the glass is installed in the middle. The door made is equivalent to a reflective surface outside the glass. Mirror decorative strips, so the use of color stainless steel door frame, beautiful atmosphere. At the same time, the door cover matched with the color stainless steel door is also made of colored stainless steel plate, which looks like a metal light and is very high-grade.

4. Hotel color stainless steel screen. The color stainless steel screen is a kind of hotel decoration that has just emerged in recent years. Compared with the wooden screen, the structure is firm, the surface is more reflective, easier to clean and more convenient to install. The most commonly used color stainless steel screen is a Chinese stainless steel grate made of stainless steel square tube, which can be used in hall partitions, restaurant partitions, corridor ceilings, study partitions, conference room walls, sanitary partitions, elevator aisle windows, etc. The color stainless steel screen can be customized according to the customer's requirements. The high-grade one can choose the mirror stainless steel screen. The economical and durable one can choose the brushed stainless steel screen. At the same time, the color can also be selected. The commonly used colors are: white, rose gold, black gold, Champagne gold, bronze, etc.




hairline finish 316 stainless steel sheet


Hairline finish, No.4


0.8x120x150 (small sample)








Accept custom specification, color

How to polish stainless steel products


1. Perform visual inspection on the workpiece transferred to the polishing process, such as whether the weld has leakage welding, welding, uneven weld depth, too far from the joint, partial depression, misalignment, and deep drawing. Traces, bumps, severe deformation, etc., which cannot be remedied in this process. If any of the above defects are present, they should be returned to the previous process for repair. If there is no such defect, enter the polishing process.

2. rough grinding, using 600# abrasive belt to grind the workpiece on the three sides, the goal of this process is to remove the solder joints left by the workpiece welding, and the bumps in the previous step to reach the weld fillet Initially formed, the horizontal and vertical surfaces are basically free of large scratches and no bumps. After this step, the surface roughness of the workpiece should reach R0.8mm. Pay attention to the angle of inclination of the belt machine during the polishing process and control the pressure of the belt machine on the workpiece. Generally speaking, it is more moderate in line with being thrown!

3. semi-finishing, using 800# sanding belt to grind the workpiece in the front and back grinding the three sides of the workpiece, mainly to correct the joints appearing in the previous process and further fine-grain the impressions produced after the rough grinding The impression left on the previous process should be repeatedly ground to achieve no scratches on the surface of the workpiece, and it is basically bright. The surface roughness of this process should be able to reach R0.4mm. (Note that this process should not create new scratches and bumps, because such defects cannot be repaired in later processes.)

4. Fine grinding, using 1000# sanding belt is mainly to correct the grinding of the fine lines appearing in the previous step, and the grinding method is the same as the above. The goal to be achieved in this process is that the joint between the grinding part and the unground part of the workpiece is basically disappeared, and the surface of the workpiece is further brightened. The workpiece after grinding by this process is basically close to the mirror effect, and the surface roughness of the workpiece should be R0. 1mm

5. on the replacement of the belt description: In general, 600# belt can be polished 1500mm long workpiece 6-8, 800# belt can be polished 4-6 pieces, 1000# belt can 1-2 pieces of polished workpieces, the specific situation also needs to be welded to the workpiece, the pressure used for polishing, and the way of grinding has a great relationship. In addition, it should be noted that the replacement of the abrasive belt must ensure that the abrasive belt can rotate smoothly on the sponge wheel to achieve the purpose of evenly grinding the workpiece.

Welding of stainless steel fabrication


Welding point oxide layer removal method for electric welding stainless steel products

The electric welding stainless steel is mainly used at the interface. If two stainless steel pipes are to be butt jointed, the electric welding method will be used. When selecting the welding consumables, we must select the welding consumables that match the stainless steel material. We do not recommend carbon steel. Welding consumables are welded stainless steel. The acceptance of welded stainless steel parts is mainly to check the presence of black iron oxide in the weld and the removal method.

The temperature of the electric welding is high, and the welding rod is welded and melted together with the stainless steel product, and the surface is also oxidized into black iron oxide and triiron tetroxide. This layer of iron oxide is It is extremely difficult to dissolve in acid. If it is etched in acid for a long time, the unwelded part will be too corroded, which will affect the normal deposition of the coating and affect the physical and chemical properties of the plated parts of stainless steel products. )

Method 1: We can first use the most practical method, that is, after washing with detergent and water, infuse the welded joint, and then rinse with water. If the oxide layer of the solder joint cannot be removed, we can use the sulfuric acid to dilute and infuse the foam. Because sulfuric acid is highly corrosive, we must control the foaming time. Generally, it should not be too long, and then rinse with water.

Method 2: Make a head with a pointed head, and the head is smooth and flat. There is no depression or sharp place, and the scale is removed from where it is.

Method 3: De-plating method is used to remove the oxide layer of the solder joint. The composition of the oxide layer is studied. We can pre-treat the epidermis of the oxide layer, melt the alkaline nitrate to make the oxide layer soft, and then clean it. Solder joints to achieve smooth solder joints and cleanliness.

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Stainless steel sheet: Imported 7C PVC film (Mirror finish will be two layer films

Inner of wooden box: Both upper and lower layers are covered waterproof plastic film + pretective veneer

Wooden box: Strong and seaworthy + fumigated wooden box



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