Hairline Steel Metal Sheets

Hairline Steel Metal Sheets

Beijing Hongsun Metal Materials Co., Ltd manufacture and sell stainless steel decorative materials approved by China Industry and Commerce Quality Inspection Bureau. It is an A-grade enterprise providing elevator metal decoration design consulting service and architectural metal decoration design.

Product Details

Production Description 

Hairline stainless steel is a silky texture of stainless steel, which is just a process of stainless steel. The surface is matt, look carefully at the top of the texture, but can not touch it. It is more wear-resistant than the general bright stainless steel, it looks more grade.

The hairline stainless steel process will lose the thickness of the stainless steel plate to a certain extent, generally 0.1 to 0.2 mm. In addition, because the human body, especially the palm of the hand, has relatively strong oil and sweat secretion, the stainless steel wire drawing plate often leaves a relatively obvious fingerprint by hand, and needs to be scrubbed regularly.

Stainless steel wire drawing surface classification

The drawing board generally refers to the surface texture plus the collective name. The former name is the sanding board, and the surface has the main lines of straight lines, chaotic lines (and lines), corrugations and threads.


1. Hairline straight lines. Usually, the surface is in a straight line after the mechanical friction of the stainless steel surface is processed. The processing of the wire drawing plate can eliminate the scratches on the surface of the raw material of the stainless steel plate, and also has a good decorative effect. This kind of grain also has a long line and a short line, because this line uses a scouring pad or a stainless steel brush to straighten or short the surface of the plate, and can change the diameter of the steel brush to obtain different thickness lines.


2. Hairline vibration. From the far side, the surface sand pattern is composed of sand circles of one circle and one circle. The vicinity is the irregular pattern, which is made by irregular grinding of the grinding head up and down and left and right, and then electroplated and colored. The surface of this grain is matte and the requirements for fabrication are also high.

3. Hairline ripples. The manufacturing process is to use the axial movement of the upper set of grinding rollers on the brushing machine or the wiping machine, so that the stainless steel surface is polished to obtain a wave pattern.

4. Hairline thread. The manufacturing process is somewhat characteristic. First, a small motor is used. The shaft is provided with a circular felt, and the small motor is fixed on the table top, and is also at an angle of about 60° to the edge of the table. A pallet is then used to secure the stainless steel sheet, and a polyester film is placed along the edge of the pallet to limit the thread speed. In this way, the linear movement of the felt and the mop can be rotated, and the thread width of the same width can be obtained on the surface of the stainless steel plate.

Product Show

About colors what you want to learn

We have basic colors for each surface, like natural color, black, gold, rose gold, dark rose gold, champagne, bronze, brown, copper, etc.


In addition, we launched many new colors by our HONGSUN this year, pink, green, blue, purple (the same as the product picture), dark purple, and multicolor, also called mixing colors. The multicolor is our one of the design highlights among the many surface stainless steel.

Note: The multicolor means the two or more than two colors on the one piece of stainless steel surface. We can show a colorful and metallic product like rainbow.

Please contact me Doris if you want to learn more about it.

Application of Color stainless steel

The color stainless steel always be used in interior decoration of High-End Club and Hotel. The gorgeous and bright colors could enhance the indoor atmosphere, show the passion to everyone, it's corresponding with the theme of the different places. 


Lavatory wall

timg (11).jpg

KTV wall panel 

timg (45).jpg

KTV Background wall

Above the pictures is from KTV interior decoration, it adopts mirror finish, hairline finish, embossed and etching stainless steel to constitute the iridescent scene.

Even though lavatory, we could not ignore it. 

The stainless steel wallboard we made is also called the wall gusset plate. That is to say, our installation method is to leave the nut on the inner side of the plate and leave the card slot on the wall surface. This installation method can save the customer a lot of trouble, simple and convenient.

Of course, some customers will choose to use glue to fix it. No matter which installation method is used, as long as it is safe, stable and beautiful, it can be selected according to the customer's own preferences and choices.

How to match the color stainless steel

How to use  stainless steel interior decoration

304 stainless steel color board is  the most direct through the senses to affect people's emotions and  psychology, affecting the degree of comfort of living behavior, trigger  associations and symbols. Therefore, factors such  as the function, aesthetics, spatial form, etc. of the stainless steel  color plate interacting with such building decoration materials are  taken into consideration in the interior of the decoration room.

timg (40).jpg

Choose 304  stainless steel color plate to fully consider the function of color in  which the requirements, such as the restaurant's color to have a sense  of lust for easy meals, the color of the living room to reflect the  owner's taste and personality, to show a warm and comfortable  atmosphere, the bedroom's color to Stressed quiet, warm,  easy to fall asleep, the color of the audio-visual room to emphasize  warmth, rhythm and stimulation, the color of the children's room to  emphasize pure, childlike, bright. Determining the  tone of the color is an important means of forming the atmosphere and  individual style of the room. It is the largest color block in the room  and occupies a large area. The choice of the color of the ground and large furniture is also an important factor in determining the tone of the interior.


The 304  stainless steel color palette uses shades: warm colors make people feel happy and happy, and cool colors make people feel calm and calm. Generally  large areas of color should not be too bright, exciting, high color  purity, small areas of color can be appropriately bright, decorated the  room, so that the interior is full of vitality. When the  304 stainless steel color plate is used, the upper part of the color is  usually light and bright, so that the indoor space will increase. If the roof is darker, it feels less depressing. Wall skirts are generally set for cleaning. Especially  in the living room, especially the living room with a lower floor  height, it is not advisable to install a wall skirt because the wall  skirt visually makes the room appear low. The skirting  board usually adopts a deeper color, or matches the color of the skirt,  or matches the color of the floor. The dark skirting board can increase  the stability of the entire color space. The carpets on the corridor stairs can be slightly higher in color and emphasize traffic lines. In  addition, the interior decoration should make full use of the products  processed by the 304 stainless steel color plate electroplating process,  so that the indoor color is more natural and clear.

The  general steps of the color design of the interior 304 stainless steel  color plate are: from the whole to the local, from the large area to the  small area, from the site with high aesthetic requirements to the site  with low aesthetic requirements; in terms of the color relationship, the  brightness must be determined first. Then  determine the hue (cooling and warming), chroma and contrast in order.  The design should study the relationship between the color blocks and  the furnishings and the overall situation, consult the material samples  and color manuals, and cooperate with the construction site to determine  in the comparison.

Beijing Hongsun Metal Materials Co., Ltd. are  to promise high-quality 304 stainless steel color plates, dare to do a  real high-end stainless steel color plate, welcome everyone to come to  our factory to visit and guide.

Maintenance of color stainless steel

1. Observe the metal surface: Observe the surface for any problems such as color difference, scratch, blisters, peeling water marks and so on.

2. Identify the surface coloring process.

3. the quality of the film: poor quality protective film, after a long time, there will be chalking phenomenon, difficult to tear open.

4. the resolution of materials: different materials, corrosion resistance, the price is different.

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Material: SUS304, SUS316, SUS430, SUS441, SUS201

Specification: width 100-1500mm  length as customer's request

Thickness: 0.5mm-6.0mm

Finish: #80-#320


Using the imported oil-grinding machine and unique polishing oil, we give you the product fine brightness and delicate lines.

The metal surface is more resistant to oil, dust and easy to clean. We provide customized production of hairline and satin from #80 to #320. The thickness and density of line can be adjusted according to the requirements to meet the customer' different products and industries.

Plated color or made the etching patterns on its surface, we will make it more diversification.

We can provide the cold rolled SUS304, SUS304L,SUS316, SUS316L, SUS430, SUS443, SUS201 and so on. In order to provide the best quality sheets, we did strictly inspection from the raw material, we choose the first class raw material sheet from BAO STEEL, NISSHIN STEEL, POSCO STEEL,TISCO STEEL and other high quality brand steel factories. Our QC and the steel factory QC will check he raw material together to ensure the quality of each sheet in the best condition to meet our process requirements (sheet size, flatness and the surface); only the qualified sheets can be used in the next process. QUALITY CERTIFICATE can be provided.Due to the price of raw material is influenced and changing by the market, the product price just will keep three days. We will make the order product with the price at that time once we signed the contract and the order. So please make order asap once you agree with our price after receiving our quotation. Thank you!