No.4 Stainless Steel Sheet Price

No.4 Stainless Steel Sheet Price

Beijing Hongsun Metal Materials Co., Ltd manufacture and sell stainless steel decorative materials approved by China Industry and Commerce Quality Inspection Bureau. It is an A-grade enterprise providing elevator metal decoration design consulting service and architectural metal decoration design.

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Brushed stainless steel is a silky texture of stainless steel, which is just a process of stainless steel. There are matt and lustrous parts on the surface. The two types are oil brushed and dry brushed. Look carefully at the top of the texture, but it can't be touched. It is more wearable than the normal shiny stainless steel. some.

The wire drawing process will lose the thickness of the stainless steel plate to a certain extent, generally 0.1 to 0.2 mm. In addition, because the human body, especially the palm of the hand, has relatively strong oil and sweat secretion, the stainless steel wire drawing plate often leaves a relatively obvious fingerprint by hand, and needs to be scrubbed regularly.

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Technology introduction of No. 4 stainless steel

Hairline is a method in which the brushed strip is reciprocated and rubbed back and forth on the surface of the workpiece to improve the surface finish of the workpiece. The texture of the surface is linear.

Metal hairline is a manufacturing process in which the stainless steel plate is repeatedly scraped out with sandpaper. The main process of the process is divided into three parts: de-esterification, sanding machine and water washing. In the hairline process, the special film technology after the anode treatment can make the metal surface form a film layer containing the metal component, clearly showing each fine silk mark, so that the fine hair of the metal matte is generated. luster.

Hairline is a method in which the brushed strip is reciprocated and rubbed back and forth on the surface of the workpiece to improve the surface finish of the workpiece. The texture of the surface is linear.

Hairline on the metal surface can well cover the mechanical marks and mold clamping defects in production.

With a manual polishing machine, a nylon wheel, scouring pad and sandpaper are interlaced. The specific number depends on the customer's requirements on the surface. For example, if the kitchen is made of stainless steel, the 304 stainless steel plate is generally preferred. The stainless steel flat plate is a protective film attached by a professional laminating machine. The front end of the flat plate is manually attached with a protective film, and then placed on the laminating machine. The roller of the laminating machine pushes the stainless steel plate to move, and the upper roller presses the protective film on the flat plate at a speed. Uniform, no bubbles.




No.4 stainless steel sheet price


Hairline + Coated


Hairline finish


0.8x120x150 (small sample)






oil hairline and matt hairline


Accept custom specification, color

Precautions for stainless steel sheet hairline process


Hairline process:

(1) The pattern formed by different types of sandpaper is different. The larger the type of sandpaper, the thinner the grain is, the lighter the texture is. Conversely, the sandpaper

The smaller the model, the thicker the sand will be, the deeper the grain will be. Therefore, the sandpaper model must be indicated on the engineering surface.

(2) Hairline has directionality: the drawing surface must be marked as straight grain or horizontal wire drawing (indicated by double arrows).

(3) The Hairline surface of the hairline workpiece must not have any convex parts, otherwise the convex part will be flattened.

   Note: In general, the wire should be electroplated, oxidized, etc. after the line is pulled down. For example: iron plating, aluminum oxidation. Due to defects in the hairline machine, small workpieces and work when there are relatively large holes on the piece, the design of the hairline fixture should be considered to avoid the poor quality of the workpiece after hairline. 

2. Hairline machine function and precautions:

 The hairline machine must be adjusted to the appropriate height according to the thickness of the material before hairline.

 The slower the conveyor speed, the finer the grinding, the thicker the opposite. If the feed depth is too large, the surface of the workpiece will burn, so the feed should not be too much, should be about 0.05mm.

The pressure of the pressure cylinder is too small, the workpiece will not be pressed tightly, and the workpiece will be pulled out by the centrifugal force of the roller. If the pressure is too large, the grinding resistance will be increased and the grinding effect will be affected. The effective drawing width of the wire drawing machine does not exceed 600 mm. If the length direction is greater than 600 mm and the width If the direction is less than 600mm, the drawing direction must be paid attention to, because the drawing direction is along the material feeding direction.




Type: Metal kitchen cabin

Surface: Hairline finish

Color: Natural 

Steel Grade: 304


Type: Metal profile

Surface: Hairline finish

Color: Natural

Steel Grade: 304


Type: Metal wall panel

Surface: Hairline finish

Color: Natural

Steel Grade: 304

  • Stainless steel plates are used for kitchen utensils and cabinets. It is recommended to use 1.2mm thick material. If a tube or a particularly thick thickness is used, it can be bent with 1.2mm material.

    The material grade recommendation 304, 304 performance is the most consistent and most commonly used, stainless steel used in the kitchen, will inevitably come into contact with the water source, 201 can not be replaced, first of all, 201 performance is not good 304, the quality is lower, if For use in areas where the environment is mild, it is ok to not touch the water source, but it must be 304 or 316 in the kitchen.

  • Stainless steel plates are used in the restrooms for fixtures or profiles, fittings, etc. It is recommended to use 304 or 316. If the customer's requirements are not too high, and looking for a cost-effective and waterproof material, it is 304. 304 and 316 are very good in water resistance, 316 is better, but because 316 is very strong, it is mainly used in harsh environments and where acid and alkali corrosion is more serious, because 316 is higher than 304. But in the bathroom, use Both 304 and 316 are available, depending on the customer's requirements.

  • Stainless steel wallboard, we recommend material thickness of 0.8-1.5mm, but this also includes how the customer wants to do this wall, wall structure, so there are other options in material thickness, how to choose, the choice The thick material is suitable, you can consult us directly, HONGSUN will give you a comprehensive, professional solution.

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Stainless steel sheet: Imported 7C PVC film (Mirror finish will be two layer films

Inner of wooden box: Both upper and lower layers are covered waterproof plastic film + pretective veneer

Wooden box: Strong and seaworthy + fumigated wooden box



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