Vibration 316l Stainless Steel Sheet Price

Vibration 316l Stainless Steel Sheet Price

Beijing Hongsun Metal Materials Co., Ltd manufacture and sell stainless steel decorative materials approved by China Industry and Commerce Quality Inspection Bureau. It is an A-grade enterprise providing elevator metal decoration design consulting service and architectural metal decoration design.

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Stainless steel brushed (grain) board: The surface sand pattern is composed of a circle of sand patterns from a distance. The near part is a non-standard chaotic pattern. It is made by grinding the head up and down and irregularly, and then electroplating. Coloring. The surface of this grain is matte and the requirements for fabrication are also high.

Stainless steel has oil drawing and dry drawing. Stainless steel oil drawing drawing board is a kind of stainless steel drawing. The main appearance is different from oil drawing. Because the belt is sanded with oil or water and oil, the matte surface is more delicate. Uniform, anti-rust effect is also better.

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Introduction of vibration stainless steel

Stainless steel vibration sheet is also called stainless steel and pattern board. It is made up of professional equipment, which is made up of irregular grinding of the grinding head up and down and left and right. Stainless steel and pattern have unique visual effects, and the far-sightedness is a circle of swirls, and myopia is a messy mess.

Stainless steel and pattern have stronger wear resistance, scratch resistance and anti-fingerprint performance than ordinary stainless steel sheets due to the special grain on the surface. Compared with common plates such as frosted plates and wire drawing plates, stainless steel and pattern plates are obviously more high-grade and superior. Therefore, when stainless steel and stencils were introduced to China from Europe, they were favored by various industries and widely used in decorative engineering, furniture, machinery and equipment decoration, cabinet panels and other fields.

The surface of stainless steel and pattern can also be electroplated or vacuum-plated. The advanced coloring process gives the stainless steel and the pattern a rich color. The colored layer on the surface also enhances the wear resistance and resistance of stainless steel and pattern. Corrosion and other properties, while greatly improving its decorative value, aesthetic value, appreciation, and practicality. Stainless steel and pattern processed by coloring are widely used in elevator decoration, hotel decoration, KTV decoration, villa decoration, furniture production, advertising light boxes and other decorative fields.

The processed and pattern board is different from the ordinary board surface. The overall surface wear resistance, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance are also superior to other steels. The surface anti-fingerprint effect is much higher than ordinary stainless steel. Widely used in: luxury Doors, elevator panels, outdoor works, advertising nameplates, furniture, kitchen cabinet ceilings, walkway panels, screens, tunnel works, exterior hotel lobby, facades and various stainless steel products. Can be color, can also be patterned. For customers to choose The colors are: titanium black (black titanium), titanium, titanium white, sky blue, sapphire blue, brown, brown, purple, bronze, green bronze, champagne gold, rose gold, purple, green, green and so on. Processing thickness: 0.3mm-3.0mm, specifications: regular or non-standard size.




Vibration 316l stainless steel sheet price




Vibration finish


0.8x120x150 (small sample)






oil hairline and matt hairline


Accept custom specification, color

Oil hairline and dry hairline


1. dry grinding and drawing

The most common on the market are filaments and short filaments. After processing such surfaces, 304 stainless steel sheets exhibit good decorative effects and can meet the requirements of general decorative materials. In general, 304 series stainless steel can form a good effect after a single scrub. Because such processing equipment is low in cost, simple in operation, low in processing cost, and widely used, it becomes a necessary equipment for the machining center. Therefore, most machining centers can provide sanding plates with filaments and short wires, of which 304 steel accounts for more than 80%.

2. oil brush drawing

304 series stainless steel after oil grinding shows a perfect decorative effect, widely used in decorative panels such as elevators and home appliances. Cold-rolled 304 series stainless steel can generally achieve good results after a sanding pass. There are also some machining centers on the market that can provide oil-based frosting of hot-rolled stainless steel, and the effect is comparable to that of cold-rolled oil mill. Oily drawing is also divided into filaments and short filaments. Elevator decoration generally uses filaments, and all kinds of small household appliances, kitchen utensils and other lines have a choice.




Type: Metal kitchen cabin

Surface: Hairline finish

Color: Natural 

Steel Grade: 304


Type: Metal profile

Surface: Hairline finish

Color: Natural

Steel Grade: 304


Type: Metal wall panel

Surface: Hairline finish

Color: Natural

Steel Grade: 304

  • Stainless steel plates are used for kitchen utensils and cabinets. It is recommended to use 1.2mm thick material. If a tube or a particularly thick thickness is used, it can be bent with 1.2mm material.

    The material grade recommendation 304, 304 performance is the most consistent and most commonly used, stainless steel used in the kitchen, will inevitably come into contact with the water source, 201 can not be replaced, first of all, 201 performance is not good 304, the quality is lower, if For use in areas where the environment is mild, it is ok to not touch the water source, but it must be 304 or 316 in the kitchen.

  • Stainless steel plates are used in the restrooms for fixtures or profiles, fittings, etc. It is recommended to use 304 or 316. If the customer's requirements are not too high, and looking for a cost-effective and waterproof material, it is 304. 304 and 316 are very good in water resistance, 316 is better, but because 316 is very strong, it is mainly used in harsh environments and where acid and alkali corrosion is more serious, because 316 is higher than 304. But in the bathroom, use Both 304 and 316 are available, depending on the customer's requirements.

  • Stainless steel wallboard, we recommend material thickness of 0.8-1.5mm, but this also includes how the customer wants to do this wall, wall structure, so there are other options in material thickness, how to choose, the choice The thick material is suitable, you can consult us directly, HONGSUN will give you a comprehensive, professional solution.

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Stainless steel sheet: Imported 7C PVC film (Mirror finish will be two layer films

Inner of wooden box: Both upper and lower layers are covered waterproof plastic film + pretective veneer

Wooden box: Strong and seaworthy + fumigated wooden box



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