Standard Hairline Stainless Steel Dimensions Sheet

Standard Hairline Stainless Steel Dimensions Sheet

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Standard hairline stainless steel dimensions sheet

Hairline stainless steel sheet(LH), also known as hairline, because the lines are slender and straight. Its surface is like a silky texture, which is a process of stainless steel. The surface is matt, look carefully at the slightest texture above, but it can't be touched, it is more wear-resistant than the ordinary shiny stainless steel, and it looks more graded. The hairline plate has a variety of lines, such as hairline (HL), snowflake sand (NO4), and grain (graffiti), cross, cross, etc., all the lines are processed by the oil throwing machine as required. Into, then electroplating.

Many customers like hairline stainless steel sheet, and the hairline sheet are used in a wide range of industries. For example, we are familiar with elevators. There are many stainless steel plates used in the elevator industry, such as door panels, cars, ceilings, etc. Most commercialized places use brushed-text stainless steel plates. The choice of plain color and brushed texture is elegant but very gas-filled. It looks monotonous. The hairline sheet can be matched with the most original natural silver, or you can choose various The color matching, of course, depends on the environment in which it fits, we can provide plates of various colors, and can also develop and adjust according to the color you want. This year we have also developed a new series of multicolor. The craftsmanship is that two or more colors can be displayed on one sheet at the same time. We call it "rainbow color", and the colors can be arbitrarily matched. Of course, the more complicated process is matched with our technology and quality. I believe you know something about it.

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Above picture is pink one, like the pink clothes girls liked. Pink gives people a very dreamy, pink and tender feeling, like the little clothes on the Barbie doll's powder, cute with a little cute feeling. If you decorate with this color, the whole person will be very comfortable, it will be very relaxing, not so stressful, and at the same time it will be less serious, let you become a good mood for children in minutes.

And even if it's color, it's not a heavy color, it won't be too beautiful, fancy, and it won't give people a heavy feeling. It is very warm and beautiful to make interior decoration in light colors.



The color of this drawing board is purple. The same silk road and craft, but the color of the plating is different, this color is deeper, but we have deeper purple, this one is contrasted with the former one, the color is deeper, if it is used in business type , or the hotel, the residential building elevator, it seems a bit out of tune, it will be very weird.

This kind of thick colored board is suitable for use in entertainment venues, such as clubs, KTV, some places with heavy entertainment atmosphere is very suitable, with other colors, very beautiful, very beautiful, very eye-catching.

Therefore, when choosing a product, we should consider the scenes that we need to apply, to match the color and design, and choose the right color, pattern, and plate.

Material: SUS304, SUS316, SUS430, SUS441, SUS201

Specification: width 100-1500mm  length as customer's request

Thickness: 0.5mm-6.0mm

Finish: #80-#320


Using the imported oil-grinding machine and unique polishing oil, we give you the product fine brightness and delicate lines.

The metal surface is more resistant to oil, dust and easy to clean. We provide customized production of hairline and satin from #80 to #320. The thickness and density of line can be adjusted according to the requirements to meet the customer' different products and industries.

Plated color or made the etching patterns on its surface, we will make it more diversification.