300 series of stainless steel plate which aspects of the characteristics

- Jun 14, 2017 -

Different series of stainless steel plate performance is different, its performance also determines its application range is different for the different characteristics of stainless steel, the work of the time produced by the effect is different. In general, stainless steel plates can be divided into four different series: (400 series), Cr-Ni (300 series), Cr-Mn-Ni (200 series) and precipitation hardening (600 series).

With the stainless steel plate is now more and more widely used, so it is more and more stringent requirements, stainless steel plate is a small category of seamless steel pipe, technology and equipment in the development of more and more to the case , The development of stainless steel plate classification is also more meticulous.

Here Xiaobian mainly with you to explore the 300 series. For 316L stainless steel plate, its main feature is good ductility, generally used mainly for the molding of the product. If you want to strengthen its hardness can also be machined to make it quickly hardened. 316L stainless steel plate at the same time both excellent welding, easy to wear and fatigue, both of which are more excellent than the 304 stainless steel plate.

316L stainless steel plate is the second after 304 stainless steel plate can be widely applied to various fields of stainless steel plate. 316L stainless steel plate is widely used in the food processing industry, the pharmaceutical industry and surgical equipment industry.

We are very difficult to understand the daily life of 316L stainless steel plate of some special performance, so many features for the stainless steel plate can not be a good grasp, so here to understand some of their specific applications in the future we can more clearly.