Brief introduction of the application of rose gold stainless steel plate in the decoration of doors and windows

- May 18, 2018 -

The rose  gold stainless steel plate is one of the colored stainless steel plates.  The rose gold plate is loved by everyone because of its unique rose  color. Today, it is increasingly used in the decoration of  stainless steel doors and windows, not only to improve the appearance of  doors and windows, but also in the corrosion resistance has been  enhanced, greatly improving the quality and grade of stainless steel  doors and windows.

   Rose gold stainless  steel doors and windows processing its approach there are two main  types: one is to do the door plate and then rose gold plated, first  welding doors and windows, polished and then plated rose gold, this  approach is more expensive, but its The integrity  will not be damaged; because the stainless steel plate cannot be welded  after vacuum plating of rose gold, because the high temperature will  destroy the coating and cause the black color change of rose gold;


The  other method is to bend the rose gold stainless steel rose plate, and  then use glass glue to stick on the wooden frame. Many stainless steel  doors adopt this kind of practice; this method is simple, practical and  environmentally friendly, in line with the modern aesthetic concept; In the future, stainless steel rose gold will be used more in all fields;

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