How to match the stainless steel etching plate and wall color in the decoration

- Apr 24, 2018 -

How to match the stainless steel etching plate and wall color in the decoration

Modern  people's awareness of environmental protection are increasing, so the  family decoration is also very much emphasis on stainless steel  decorative panels and wall color decoration, then on stainless steel  decorative plate decoration with the knowledge you understand? The  following is a small series of stainless steel decorative panels for  you to use to stabilize the emotional effect, often used by people to  decorate the living room. It has the same visual contraction effect as blue.
There is no feeling of pressure in the room. In addition, this color  does not produce the feeling of temperature difference. Even if it is  used in large quantities, it will not feel cold.

The most basic color matching method is to unify natural colors. Using a slightly darker tone can create a peaceful atmosphere.

In the room, the color is less turbid and the brighter wall color is the color, and it will feel very fresh.
In order to contrast the bright color of the wall, you can also borrow black effects. However, if you use too much black, it will appear heavy.

So the trick is to distract it. Mature and stable - this match is very suitable for Asian aesthetics.

Psychology of stainless steel decorative plate decoration
Stainless  steel decorative plate: It is the main theme of the forest, full of  vitality, can remind people of new life, youth, health and eternal. It  is also a symbol of fairness, quietness, intelligence and humility. It  helps digestion and calmness, promotes physical balance, and is good The  activists and the physically and mentally stressed persons are  extremely helpful. The natural green has a certain role in overcoming  the syncope fatigue and negative emotions.