Mirror stainless steel plate processing principle

- Jun 14, 2017 -

Stainless steel plate is made of stainless steel raw materials with polishing equipment through the polishing equipment in the steel surface polishing, so that the flat surface and the same light as the mirror clear. Mirror stainless steel plate series of products are widely used in architectural decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, decoration and other decoration works.

Mirror stainless steel plate processing process can be divided into grinding and grinding two ways, then the two kinds of processing methods produced by the mirror effect which is better? And this is to look through the mirror surface to determine the brightness, and the surface of the plate trachoma and grinding head must be less. In general, the stainless steel plate in the polishing machine for processing, the slower the speed of its progress, grinding the number of groups, and this effect will be very good; stainless steel plate polishing equipment processing, the first is to Plate sand, and then put the stainless steel plate into the grinding fluid, which through the eight groups of different grinding and grinding of grinding, grinding is basically the surface treatment of stainless steel, the process is no depth at all, this step is mainly to Remove the layer of oxide on the surface of the stainless steel plate [1].

After finishing the above process after drying can be washed, and color mirror stainless steel plate is stainless steel plate mirror panel on the basis of coloring, and now high-grade color mirror stainless steel plates are used in vacuum ion plating technology color processing. Even in the mirror plate pattern pattern etching, you can get a variety of styles and styles of pattern etching plate.