Production process of stainless steel tread plate

- Jun 14, 2017 -

Stainless steel Diamond Plate (Stainless steel Diamond Plate) is through the mechanical equipment in the stainless steel plate embossed, so that the board surface embossed pattern. In the early sixties by the European large-scale rolling mill began small batch production, followed by stainless steel tread plate excellent corrosion resistance and slip resistance has been adopted by many industries to begin universal. The earliest pattern of stainless steel tread plate pattern for the vertical and horizontal stripes staggered, the domestic Shanxi TISCO and Shanghai Baosteel Group are in production, in the next 20-30 years, the researchers through continuous experiments and improvements to have a better non-slip Pattern design is now also a large-scale production promotion and application. In recent years, the use of stainless steel tread plate is also constantly innovation, breakthrough, change, the applicable industry and product models are also increasing, the product replacement speed is more frequent.

Stainless steel pattern board is divided into two categories:

One is the steel mill in the production of stainless steel rolling through the rolling mill, the main thickness of these products in the 3-6mm or so, is hot-rolled after the state of acid wash, the process is as follows:

Stainless steel billet → hot rolling mill rolling black roll → hot annealing and pickling line → leveling machine, straightening machine, polishing line → cross-cutting line → hot-rolled stainless steel tread plate

This pattern is flat side, the other side is the pattern. Such a pattern board is more commonly used in chemical, railway vehicles, platforms and other requirements of the strength of the occasion. Such products to import mainly from Japan and Belgium, the domestic production of TISCO and Baosteel belong to this type.

The second category is the processing enterprises on the market, the purchase of hot-rolled or cold-rolled stainless steel plate, through the mechanical stamping of the pattern plate, such products side concave convex, commonly used in general civil decoration occasions. This product is more cold-rolled, the market 2B / BA cold-rolled stainless steel pattern plate is mostly this type.