Stainless steel plate processing are difficult

- Jun 14, 2017 -

Stainless steel plate processing and some high-temperature alloy stainless steel are austenitic structure, cutting hardening tendencies, usually several times the ordinary carbon steel, cutting tool in the hardened area of cutting, the tool life is shortened, whether it is austenite Stainless steel sheet processing or martensitic stainless steel are processed when the chip toughness, high cutting temperature characteristics.When the tough chips through the rake face, will produce bonding, welding and other sticks phenomenon, affecting the processing of parts Surface roughness. Stainless steel generally contains high melting point elements, plastic large, high cutting temperature, so that tool wear to speed up, sharpening, tool change frequently, thus affecting the production efficiency and improve the use of tool costs are stainless steel processing difficulties.

In summary, the difficulty of processing stainless steel sheet can be attributed to cutting force, cutting temperature is high, hardening hardening, easy sticky knife, tool wear fast. These difficulties will affect the stainless steel processing stainless steel processing efficiency.