0.5mm Antique Stainless Steel Metal Sheet with SGS Certificate

0.5mm Antique Stainless Steel Metal Sheet with SGS Certificate 1. Product Introduction Antique Stainless Steel Sheet is Strict SGS Certificated. It is with exquisite appearance. Choose different style and grade aim at different project needs. 2. Product Description Antique Sheet has beautiful...

Product Details

Introduction of "MET EVER" Series 

METEVER is a brand owned by Hongsun Metal Materials Co., Ltd. METEVER includes a series of new designed high-end decorative metal products, researched and developed under the concept "METAL FOREVER", to bring a familiarity sense of "EVER MET" to every customer who aiming at enjoying the luxurious metal decoration solutions. METEVER focusing on black color and antique finish, the theme is black tone and bronze elements, fully demonstrating the original elegance, simplicity and luxury of the metal to meet the requests of customers from domestic and worldwide.

Patina Shows

The patina sheet is the one of what "MET EVER" seris and antique finish series stainless steel sheets, we have professional designer team with antique series. And we could provide the antique and patina products where have on the sample brochures, also we make customized patterns and colors for customers with drawings and plans. 

For the "MET EVER " series and Antique series product, we have our own antique factory in Tianjin, welcome to visit our factory to check the production by person.

Our growing

BEIJING HONGSUN METAL MATERIALS CO., LTD is one of great professional manufacturer of stainless steel metal decorative materials and project solutions, we was established in 1999. we have been engaged in processing, production, marketing and service of stainless steel metal decorative materials and project.

Review the way we have experienced, the business of Beijing Hongsun has already maturing. 


Exportation Market

We run the business majority in overseas market, and minority in domestic market. And we export to more than 50 countries mainly from US, Australia, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Saudi Arabic, UAE, Qatar, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, Morocco, South Africa, India.


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