Stainless Steel Surface Antique Patina Sheet for Artware Decoration

Stainless Steel surface Antique Patina Sheet for Artwork Decoration 1.Product Introduction The kind of Stainless Steel Sheet are applied to Retro artifacts, Artware Decoration and Exterior interior Decoration. 2.Product Description 200 Series and 300 series Stainless Steel Sheet. Customized...

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It's our new brand series “Met Ever”that is launched this year. "Met Ever" series main shows the dark black series hailrine finish antique, embossed and patina stainless steel product.

“Met Ever” series is made from our professional technician in our design department. We have our own designer team, it's their new thought and innovation for stainless steel sheet. In daily life, we are afraid of that stainless steel rust, but now, we apply this kind of feature and pattern, appearance to real sheet materials, show you a rust stainless steel sheet materials, it's the unique technology, not real rust.

It can be used in anywhere you can do. It will be show us a luxury and ancient effect, arty feeling.

What we can apply?  

1. all types of stainless steel sheet materials treatment

2. All-sided product details 

2. Changeable size

3. Changeable thickness

4. Appropriate product grade recommendation

5. Free Sample

6. Safe element when using

7. Visit our factory and free entertainment

8. Quality guaranteed

9. Young sale team, young thought for you

10. Desire of buy-back

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