304 Mirror Stainless Steel Plate

304 Mirror Stainless Steel Plate

Beijing Hongsun Metal Materials Co., Ltd manufacture and sell stainless steel decorative materials approved by China Industry and Commerce Quality Inspection Bureau. It is an A-grade enterprise providing elevator metal decoration design consulting service and architectural metal decoration design.

Product Details

Product Information

◇ Product Picture show

In fact, mirror finish stainless steel we usually said is 8K, and 8K also is be widely used in many industries.

There is different technology if customer needs high precise or common mirror effect, Accurate grinding and Ordinary grinding. Choose the one According to different requirement and application scenarios. The two technologies is different, so the quality and value is distinct.


Above is black mirror finish stainless steel with single side, we can make mirror finish stainless steel both sides as well, some customers told me that they made Female and male's metal accessory, so the both sides of the materials have to be uniform, we can provide both sides mirror finish stainless steel, also engrave sth and texture on the surface. Colors could be custom and mix color. 

◇ Product detail

· We can make common mirror finish, accurate grinding mirror finish, super mirror, mirror both sides

· The color can be made as per request, like the above black mirror, the color level can be light and dark.

· Thickness suggested 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm

· Our standard size is 4'x8', 4'x10', 1250x2500mm, 1500x3000mm for flat sheet, but if you need the materials for project, the size will be customized

· Our MOQ is 20 pieces for mirror finish stainless steel sheet. Small order could be made, but the cost will be relative high

· We can provide FOB and CIF price, any port is Ok with your convenience

· It also could be made if you have your own freight frowarder 

· The shipping cost depends on the order, destination, transportation mode, so we need to get the specific order or product specification information before quote the price and shipping cost

· Our lead time is about 15 workdays, but the specific time depends on the order

◇Product Application case

Below is the black mirror finish stainless steel sheet used for wall panel in fitting centre.


This is the one of our metal wall panel projects. It's for a fitting centre. Wall panel, counter and ceiling, etc. It adopted super mirror finish stainless steel to show the luxury and metallic, at the same time, black show the theme of fitting centre.

SUS304, SUS316, SUS430, SUS201

Specification: width 100-1500mm  length as customer's request

Thickness: 0.5mm-6.0mm

Finish: 6k, 8k, super mirror


Product characteristic:

We imported the most advanced digital controlled polishing machine, polishing wheels and wool felts, multi-procedure polishing, strict test standard, ensuring product is flat and smooth, bright and glossy, high reflective, no bumps, deformation or marking, etc.

We can provide the cold rolled SUS304, SUS304L,SUS316, SUS316L, SUS430, SUS443, SUS201 and so on. In order to provide the best quality sheets, we did strictly inspection from the raw material, we choose the first class raw material sheet from BAO STEEL, NISSHIN STEEL, POSCO STEEL,TISCO STEEL and other high quality brand steel factories. Our QC and the steel factory QC will check he raw material together to ensure the quality of each sheet in the best condition to meet our process requirements (sheet size, flatness and the surface); only the qualified sheets can be used in the next process. QUALITY CERTIFICATE can be provided.Due to the price of raw material is influenced and changing by the market, the product price just will keep three days. We will make the order product with the price at that time once we signed the contract and the order. So please make order asap once you agree with our price after receiving our quotation. Thank you!