Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Backsplash Sheet

Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Backsplash Sheet

Beijing Hongsun Metal Materials Co., Ltd manufacture and sell stainless steel decorative materials approved by China Industry and Commerce Quality Inspection Bureau. It is an A-grade enterprise providing elevator metal decoration design consulting service and architectural metal decoration design.

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Basic Information

mirror finish stainless steel backsplash sheet
Surface8K, mirror
SpecificationStandard 4'x8'
GlossSuper mirror, high gloss, bright
MOQ50 pieces
OriginBeijing, China(Mainland)

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  • For the surface grinding degree of mirror finish sheet, we have 6K, 8K, the ordinary grinding, super grinding.

  • Our raw material is from well-known steel factories who are BAO STEEL, NISSHIN STEEL, TISCO STEEL, POSCO STEEL.

  • Our QC and Steel factory QC will check the raw material together to ensure the quality of each sheet in the best condition to meet our process requirement(sheet size, flatness and the surface).

  • QUALITY CERTIFICATE can be provided.

  • We could accept T/T, West Union, Credit Card, L/C. T/T is 30% deposit in advance, 70% T/T balance before shipping. L/C will be done for our regular customer, 50% T/T deposit in advance, 50% L/C.