Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheet 304

Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheet 304

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The so-called mirror stainless steel, "mirror surface" refers to the surface state of stainless steel, common mirror stainless steel is divided into three kinds of 6K, 8K, 10K, the more common "mirror surface" on the market in stainless steel in the industry should belong to the "8K" surface.

In addition to 8K, there are two kinds of 6K, 10K, generally ordinary polishing, ordinary 6K, fine grinding 8K, super fine grinding 10K effect. The same thickness is generally not much different, and the 10K mirror is brighter.

Mirror stainless steel is mostly used for cold-rolled stainless steel plates with thinner specifications. The thicker the thickness, the harder it is to reflect the effect of the mirror surface. Of course, the processing cost is higher.

Mirror stainless steel is widely used in construction, home improvement, elevators, sculptures, etc. due to its good texture, no rust, long service life, high quality and low price.

In recent years, mirror stainless steel has been gradually used in home decoration, not only because it will not rust, but also because of the high-end decoration of the mirror stainless steel.

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Processing principle of Mirror stainless steel

The principle of stainless steel plate production is that the stainless steel raw material is polished on the steel plate surface by polishing equipment with a polishing liquid, so that the surface of the plate is flat and the luminosity is as clear as a mirror.

The process of processing stainless steel mirror panels can be divided into two methods: general grinding and fine grinding. Which of the mirror effects produced by these two processing methods is better? This is determined by looking at the brightness of the mirror surface, and the blisters and grinding heads on the surface of the sheet must be small.

In general, stainless steel plates are processed on a polishing machine, and the slower the speed of travel, the more the number of sets of grinding, and the effect will be very good; when the stainless steel plate is processed using polishing equipment, the first is to The plate is sanded, and then the stainless steel plate is placed in the grinding liquid. The grinding process is carried out by 8 sets of different grinding heads. The grinding process is basically the treatment of the surface of the stainless steel plate. This process has no depth. This step is mainly for the purpose. The oxide layer on the surface of the stainless steel plate is removed.

After finishing the above process, it can be washed and dried, and the color stainless steel mirror panel is recolored on the basis of the stainless steel mirror panel. Now the high-grade color stainless steel mirror panel is processed by vacuum ion plating technology. Even pattern etching can be performed on the mirror panel, and patterned etching plates of various styles and styles can be obtained.


Common mirror classification

Common mirror stainless steel is divided into three types: 6K, 8K, and 10K. Generally it is ordinary polishing, ordinary 6K, fine grinding 8K, super fine grinding 10K effect. The same thickness is generally not much different, the 10K mirror is brighter; the thicker the thickness, the worse the effect and the higher the processing cost.

Melting point of stainless steel mirror panel:

The melting point of mirror stainless steel is mainly related to each component and content, regardless of whether the surface is mirror or not. The concept of "red" is vague. When the various metals are at 400 degrees Celsius, the environment is not very bright, you can see that it is already "red". So "burning the mirror stainless steel" takes about 400 degrees.




Mirror finish stainless steel sheet 304


Mirror + Coated


Mirror finish


0.8x120x150 (small sample)








Accept custom specification, color

Surface treatment of the gold mirror sheet


The mirror finish stainless steel is gold mirror sheet, and how is the color made? And what's the technology? Ok, let Doris introduce it for you in detail below!

Surface treatment: Vacuum Titanium plating


working principle of vacuum titanium plating:

Vacuum titanium plating refers to the use of arc discharge in a vacuum environment to use a cathode titanium target as an evaporation source, and through the arc discharge between the titanium target and the anode body, the titanium target is evaporated and an ion body is formed, and the generated ion body is high-speed. The product is moved to the surface of the product to form a titanium film layer.


How is the color of vacuum titanium plating made?

In a high vacuum and high temperature titanium plating environment, different gases can be plated to different colors. If you add N2, the color of the plating is gold; when you add C2H2, the color is black; when you add O2, the color will be color and blue; if you add N2 and C2H2, the color will be rose gold. In the process of titanium plating, the materials used are titanium and high-purity gases. They are all green and environmentally friendly materials. Because they are produced in a high-temperature vacuum environment, they do not produce any harmful substances, so the products are very safe and environmentally friendly. Can pass various security tests.


How can I plate a strong titanium film?

To plate a strong titanium layer, you must first have good equipment. Because in the coating process, the vacuum system must work stably, the furnace body pressure is better, if there is impurity incorporation in the coating process, the color will be unsatisfactory, and severe titanium removal. Good equipment has high ionization rate, high ion density, large particle size, high smoothness of the coated film, low friction coefficient, strong non-shedding, poor device ionization rate, and plated film. Rough and dull, easy to scratch off.

logo-06.jpgSome customers bought color stainless steel with rust spot and they thought the stainless steel product will rust after coating, but is it real?

Answer is "no". Titanium plating does not cause rusting of the product. 

Titanium is a kind of anti-corrosion metal. At normal temperature, titanium can be safely lying in a variety of strong acid and alkali solutions, even the most ferocious acid - aqua regia (Aqua regia: the ratio of concentrated nitric acid to concentrated hydrochloric acid three to one ratio The ratio can dissolve gold) and it can't corrode it, so people use titanium to make submarines.

Therefore, the rust point on the product after titanium plating is not the rust of the titanium film, but the rust point generated by the substrate of the product itself.

On the product before titanium plating, if there is oxide (or sand hole or pore) on the product itself, then the point of the oxide (or sand hole, pore) after titanium plating is called the weak point, and it The substrate itself is not strong enough. After a period of time, the titanium layer at the point of the substrate oxide is liable to fall off, so that rust and titanium plating fall off.

Generally, when the sanded product is polished, the friction coefficient generated is large, and the surface of the product is easily oxide-producing.

The reason why the titanium-plated knife produces rust is because under the vacuum condition of the titanium plating process, the impurities of the sand hole and the pore of the product substrate are cleaned, and the surface of the product has a hole and a hole to form a concave shape. After the titanium coating, it is impossible to completely fill the sand hole and the air hole. After the tool is used, the water remaining in the sand hole and the air hole is not cleaned, so that the sand hole and the air hole are easily oxidized to generate rust spots.

The kitchen knives we usually use at home do not see rust when used every day, but they do not need to be exposed for a while, but rust in the air. In fact, the knives used every day are similar to those produced by knives that have been placed for a while. The knives used every day do not see rust, because the knives we use every day are oxides produced during the cutting and scrubbing process. It was cleaned up a part. Oxides cannot be deposited, so no rust spots are visible.

Ok, I think you understood vacuum titanium coating now. So just let me know if you want to coate any color on stainless steel sheet.

Application of mirror sheet


  • Wall panel


Natural mirror stainless steel sheet

Name: David fitting center

Type: Metal wall panel

Surface: Mirror finish

Color: Natural color

Steel Grade: 304

建外SOHO大卫山道健身中心装修2.jpgRose gold mirror steel sheet

Name: David fitting center

Type: Metal wall panel

Surface: Mirror finish

Color: Rose Gold

Steel Grade: 304


Black mirror stainless steel sheet

Name: David fitting center

Type: Metal wall panel

Surface: Mirror finish

Color: Black

Steel Grade: 304

  • Metal fabrication

微信图片_20171017114503.jpgSilver mirror stainless steel pipe 

Color: Rose gold

Steel Grade: 304

HTB1TK7wSXXXXXXVXFXXq6xXFXXXC.jpg_350x350.jpgGold mirror stainless steel art horse

Color: Bright gold

Steel Grade: 304


Rose gold mirror stainless steel table

Color: Rose gold

Steel Grade: 304

  • Elevator door


Elevator 1

Type: stainless steel elevator door

Surface: mirror finish etching

Color: Rose gold series

Steel grade: 304


Elevator 2

Type: stainless steel elevator door

Surface: mirror finish etching

Color: Gold series

Steel grade: 304



Elevator 3

Type: stainless steel elevator door

Surface: mirror finish etching

Color: Red series

Steel grade: 304


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Stainless steel sheet: Imported 7C PVC film (Mirror finish will be two layer films

Inner of wooden box: Both upper and lower layers are covered waterproof plastic film + pretective veneer

Wooden box: Strong and seaworthy + fumigated wooden box



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