Mirror Metals Decorative Sheet

Mirror Metals Decorative Sheet

Beijing Hongsun Metal Materials Co., Ltd manufacture and sell stainless steel decorative materials approved by China Industry and Commerce Quality Inspection Bureau. It is an A-grade enterprise providing elevator metal decoration design consulting service and architectural metal decoration design.

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Product description

Color: stainless steel flat sheet-dark rose gold, can be coated by any colors

stainless steel sheet are ideal decorative products that can be used in interior and exterior decoration. They are great solutions to ugly, stubborn problematic wall, ceiling or any surface that needs covering or decoration. Such as home, kitchen, toilet, TV background, exterior walls and ceiling in house decoration; company logo wall,lobby backdrop, reception desk front in office, restaurant, cafes or night clubs decoration. Other than creating a stunning visual effect for metal decoration, and our stainless steel sheet material also can be crafted into metal work designs, metal fabrication, such as table, art object, project type product, profile, small fabrication.


1. Made from stainless steel, 100% pure stainless steel;

2. Elegant metal natural gloss visual impact, combine stainless steel sheet with related decorative fitting to intensify the use of product;

3. The most appropriate decorative materials;

4. Could coate and custom surface and texture, so you can apply any colors and pattern you like; 

5. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance and durable material




The origin and application of inox color

Stainless steel has won the hearts of people because of its anti-corrosion, durability and environmental protection. However, due to the cold color and monotony, the application field is greatly limited. Color stainless steel came into being. It not only maintains the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of primary color stainless steel, but also has a variety of colors and long-lasting colors. Its appearance meets the requirements of color diversity in modern society. wide.

1. The origin of inox color

Color stainless steel is not obtained by painting or spraying on steel to obtain color, nor is it dyed by color like aluminum. The color stainless steel itself is colorless, and the color is obtained because the surface has a layer of colorless and transparent dense oxide film. When the light is irradiated onto the film, the reflected light and the refracted light passing through the film interfere with each other. . What color the color stainless steel surface exhibits depends on the chemical composition of the surface oxide film, the structure, the finish, the thickness of the film, and the incident light.

2. Color stainless steel is divided into the following types:

(1) Chemical oxidation coloring method: the color of a film formed by chemical oxidation in a specific solution, which is a dichromate method, a mixed sodium salt method, a vulcanization method, an acidic oxidation method, and an alkaline oxidation method. In general, "Inco" (INCO) is used more, but to ensure that a batch of products have the same color, it must be controlled with a reference electrode.

(2) Electrochemical oxidation coloring method: the color of a film formed by electrochemical oxidation in a specific solution.

(3) Ion-deposited oxide coloring method: the stainless steel workpiece is placed in a vacuum coating machine for vacuum evaporation. For example: titanium-plated watch case, watch band, usually golden yellow. This method is suitable for processing large quantities of products. Because of the large investment and high cost, small batch products are not worthwhile.

(4) High-temperature oxidation coloring method: in a specific molten salt, the immersed workpiece is kept at a certain process parameter, so that the workpiece forms a certain thickness of oxide film, and presents various colors.

(5) Gas phase cracking coloring method: it is more complicated and less used in industry.

3. Application of color stainless steel

Color stainless steel is gradually becoming a very good decorative material because of its beautiful colors. It is decorated with elegant and luxurious quality. Moreover, the color stainless steel has better salt spray corrosion resistance than ordinary stainless steel, and can withstand salt spray corrosion for more than 10 years. Its colored surface layer can withstand temperatures of 200 ° C, and can resist UV light exposure for more than 30 years.

Color stainless steel is an environmentally friendly decorative material that does not contain organic substances such as methanol. It is non-radiative, anti-corrosive and durable, and has a wide application field. At present, it is mainly used for building exterior wall and window frame decoration, such as large-scale architectural decoration (car station, railway station, subway station, airport, etc.), hotel and building commercial decoration, public facilities, new home decoration; in the arts and crafts industry, color stainless steel In combination with printing, it can be used in the process of etching and grinding and dot method to produce three-dimensional relief murals, hanging screens, etc.; it can also be used in elevators, hardware appliances, kitchen appliances, cabinets, advertising signs, daily necessities. Etc., can greatly increase the added value of the product, and has obvious market competitive advantages.


Company info.

We HONGSUN is the professional metal decorative materials manufacturer who has our own three factories, and this year we still are planning to enlarge our factory, because the orders is more, we want to finish the products quickly and delivery it for customers.

And in recently year, we focus on metal projects, and strive to provide customers with the highest quality products and caring services, we could accept custom project and product as per the drawing, and we have already made many metal projects and help plenty of customers to decorate their projects and building. Now, HONGSUN is exporting to more than 50 countries and aream, and got trust and reliable relationship from all our customers fro our top-notch service and quality. 

Our certificates

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Our workshop





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Mirror grinding

SUS304, SUS316, SUS430, SUS201

Specification: width 100-1500mm  length as customer's request

Thickness: 0.5mm-6.0mm

Finish: 6k, 8k, super mirror


Product characteristic:

We imported the most advanced digital controlled polishing machine, polishing wheels and wool felts, multi-procedure polishing, strict test standard, ensuring product is flat and smooth, bright and glossy, high reflective, no bumps, deformation or marking, etc.