Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet Price In Bangladesh

Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet Price In Bangladesh

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The mirror surface is one of the surface effects of stainless steel. It is transparent, bright, and clear. It has all the characteristics of a glass mirror. Combined with the characteristics of stainless steel, it is a material that is very suitable for decoration.

In addition to 8K, there are two kinds of 6K, 10K, generally ordinary polishing, ordinary 6K, fine grinding 8K, super fine grinding 10K effect. The same thickness is generally not much different, and the 10K mirror is brighter.

Mirror stainless steel is widely used in construction, home improvement, elevators, sculptures, etc. due to its good texture, no rust, long service life, high quality and low price.

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How is the stainless steel mirror panel machined?

Usually, the brightly annealed BA surface and the passivated 2B surface stainless steel are processed to remove the oxide layer on the stainless steel surface, revealing that the original bright and clean "natural" of the metal can be called a mirror surface. At present, the stainless steel processing mirror mainly adopts three methods of electrolytic polishing, chemical polishing and mechanical polishing; the former two methods have good effects, but the cost is high and the efficiency is low. Although the mechanical polishing method is slightly less effective than the first two methods, its ease of operation and high efficiency have become the preferred method for stainless steel mirror processing.


How to correctly identify and apply stainless steel mirror panel grades?

a. Fast and bright:

This kind of stainless steel mirror panel is a common mirror between BA and 8K. It has the following characteristics:

The selectivity of the base metal is not high, 200 series, 300 series, 400 series stainless steel products, no matter what the initial surface (2B, 2D, BA, No.1) can be selected as the base material. Due to the universal type and relatively low processing requirements of the material selection, the selection of the base material is basically not too demanding, and the processing speed is also relatively fast.

Although the mirror effect is bright, the mirror effect is general, and some flaws (sand holes, orange peel, chromatic aberration, etc.) of the base material of the base material after processing cannot be effectively removed.

These products are mainly used in kitchen and bathroom equipment with low mirror requirements, power equipment protective covers, public facilities, general stainless steel decorations and accessories that require mirror effect inside the product.

b. Fast and good:

This kind of stainless steel mirror panel is a true 8K mirror, which has the following characteristics:

There are also certain requirements for the initial surface of the base metal (mainly BA or 2B surface). Therefore, the choice of the base material production area largely guarantees the quality of its later processing, mainly recommending the big brands (Baoxin, Taigang Tianguan, Jiugang, Zhangpu and Lianzhong, etc.).

The mirror effect is bright and the mirror effect is outstanding. Because there is a certain requirement for the choice of the base metal, the mirror surface of the mirror surface is less and less obvious; at the same time, it also greatly improves the processing efficiency and reduces The difficulty of processing.

These products are mainly used in stainless steel mirror panels with standard mirror requirements, as well as various types of stainless steel decorative materials that need to be mirrored as substrates (such as decoration of large-scale high-end places, elevator cars, high-grade metal curtain wall facades and various types). Door and window decoration, etc.).

c. Good and bright:

This kind of stainless steel mirror panel is a mirror requirement of 8K~12K, which mainly has the following characteristics:

Not only does it have certain requirements for the initial surface selection of the base metal (basic selection of BA surface), but also the selection of the product should be selected (recommended to use Baoxin, BA and 2B materials of Taigang Tianguan), and more importantly for its products. The subdivision needs to be carefully selected (generally select the general grinding and fine grinding stainless steel materials of the major brands as the processing substrate).




mirror stainless steel sheet price in bangladesh




Mirror finish


0.8x120x150 (small sample)








Accept custom specification, color

Mirror stainless steel welding


Stainless steel mirror panels often require attention to the following common problems during the welding process:

First of all, because the installation is designed to prevent temporary changes in size or calculation errors, the mirror stainless steel plate used is often too large in size; this will result in the width, length, and plate of the weld when it is welded. A slight centerline offset occurs in the actual thickness; this requires control of the location size of the part during soldering. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that all components are accurately cut and the length tolerance is 1 mm. Also, the components should be checked for straightness before the material is cut. If it is not flat, it needs to be leveled again.

Secondly, cracks often occur during welding. In order to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to grasp the parameters and procedures of the welding process. Try not to use large current or sudden flameout to avoid "welding"; The joint needs to be connected to 10~15mm. During the welding process, be careful not to knock and move the stainless steel mirror panel to avoid new cracks. Stainless steel mirror panel components must be placed in place during welding, and the solder joints should be firm and full. In particular, it should be noted that the welding wave on the surface of the weld should be uniform, and there should be no defects such as cracks, dross, welds, burn through, arc scratches, craters and needle-shaped pores, otherwise the weld seam breaks and affects the appearance.

Finally, since the surface of the stainless steel mirror panel is polished, after removing the surface of the scale, there will be “pinholes or pores” on the surface, and most of the needles or pores should be cleaned before welding, and the welding process is required. By adjusting the current to reduce the welding speed and ensure the uniformity of the welding; in order to effectively avoid the "virtual welding" phenomenon. Moreover, after the welding of the mirror panel, it is necessary to manually use the implement to smooth and polish the surface of the sheet, so that the appearance is kept smooth and bright.


Stainless steel mirror polishing process


The stainless steel polishing process can be divided into two parts: grinding and light. The two parts of the process and method are summarized as follows:

I, polishing

The main goal of stainless steel welding parts is to remove the solder joints and achieve a workpiece with a surface roughness of R10um, in preparation for light output!

The polishing section is generally summarized as follows:

Three processes: rough grinding, semi-finishing, fine grinding

Three faces: two sides and one edge

Nine polishing machines

Twenty-seven adjustment agencies,

The details are as follows:

1. Visually inspect the workpiece transferred to the polishing process, such as whether the weld has leakage weld, weld penetration, uneven weld depth, too far from the joint, partial depression, misalignment, and deep drawing. Traces, bumps, severe deformation, etc., which cannot be remedied in this process. If any of the above defects are present, they should be returned to the previous process for repair. If there is no such defect, enter the polishing process.

2. rough grinding, using 600# abrasive belt to grind the workpiece on the three sides, the goal of this process is to remove the solder joints left by the workpiece welding, and the bumps in the previous step to reach the weld fillet Initially formed, the horizontal and vertical surfaces are basically free of large scratches and no bumps. After this step, the surface roughness of the workpiece should reach R0.8mm. Pay attention to the angle of inclination of the belt machine during the polishing process and control the pressure of the belt machine on the workpiece. Generally speaking, it is more moderate in line with being thrown!

3. semi-finishing, using 800# sanding belt to grind the workpiece in the front and back grinding the three sides of the workpiece, mainly to correct the joints appearing in the previous process and further fine-grain the impressions produced after the rough grinding The impression left on the previous process should be repeatedly ground to achieve no scratches on the surface of the workpiece, and it is basically bright. The surface roughness of this process should be able to reach R0.4mm. (Note that this process should not create new scratches and bumps, because such defects cannot be repaired in later processes.)

4. Fine grinding, using 1000# sanding belt is mainly to correct the grinding of the fine lines appearing in the previous step, and the grinding method is the same as the above. The goal to be achieved in this process is that the joint between the grinding part and the unground part of the workpiece is basically disappeared, and the surface of the workpiece is further brightened. The workpiece after grinding by this process is basically close to the mirror effect, and the surface roughness of the workpiece should be R0. 1mm

5. on the replacement of the sand belt instructions: In general, 600 # sand belt can be polished 1500mm long workpiece 6-8, 800 # sand belt can be polished workpiece 4-6, 1000# abrasive belt can 1-2 pieces of polished workpieces, the specific situation also needs to be welded to the workpiece, the pressure used for polishing, and the way of grinding has a great relationship. In addition, it should be noted that the replacement of the abrasive belt must ensure that the abrasive belt can rotate smoothly on the sponge wheel to achieve the purpose of evenly grinding the workpiece.

Each belt machine has a front and rear adjustment mechanism, an upper and lower adjustment mechanism, and an angle adjustment mechanism of the belt machine. Depending on the specific conditions of the workpiece welding, the final equipment consists of three to four units, each of which is equipped with a different purpose belt for polishing. The polishing position and angle of each belt machine and the polishing pressure are controlled by the polishing machine adjustment mechanism and adjusted before the equipment starts to work, so that each belt machine is in the proper position and at the right angle and with the proper working pressure. In the three adjustment mechanisms shown above, a mechanism is required to control the corresponding adjustment by the signal detected by the photoelectric switch to prevent the occurrence of excessive grinding at both ends of the grinding. For example, the angle adjustment mechanism of the belt machine is set, and the workpiece is detected by the photoelectric switch to enter the lower part of the belt machine. At this time, the adjustment mechanism starts to control the belt belt machine to be lifted, and the adjusting mechanism lowers the belt belt machine when the workpiece enters a certain position. The belt machine is energized or ventilated to start the polishing work. At the end of the polishing, the inspection mechanism also detects that the workpiece is about to be polished. The adjustment mechanism pneumatically controls the belt machine to lift up, and the workpiece is dropped after the workpiece passes, so that the stainless steel square tube can be prevented from being thrown at both ends. Excessive grinding occurs.

The workpiece is polished by the large sponge wheel of the belt machine, and the belt machine or the workpiece can be horizontally moved while grinding, and the welded joints are polished one by one.

II. the light part

The main purpose of the light-emitting part is to mirror the surface of the polished stainless steel to achieve the purpose of mirroring.

The process is generally summarized as follows:

Two processes: waxing, polishing; two motors, two wool wheels, big blue wax, cloth

The details are as follows:

1. Visually inspect the welding parts of the previous step into the process, check to see if there is any leakage to 1000#, all the solder joints are not completely polished, there are rough grinding marks, the protective film is seriously damaged, and the grinding is excessive, the rounding is too large, The problems of serious grinding at both ends, uneven grinding, and various depths of various polishing and polishing stages cannot be repaired in the light-emitting stage. If such problems exist, they need to be returned to re-grind or repair. (In this process, it is impossible to repair the bruises, bruises, and large scratches that appear in the polishing, but it can repair very fine lines, such as the smaller fine lines polished by 1000#. But it is very troublesome)

2. mirror

The high-speed motor drive wool wheel (commercially available) is used for mirror polishing with Daqing wax in the same way as the previous polishing method. The main purpose of this process is to mirror finish the workpiece after the previous steps are polished. Not further grinding. Be careful not to rub the polishing wax onto the cover film on the surface of the workpiece during this step operation, taking care not to damage the cover film.

3. polishing

This process is the last process of mirror polishing. The surface of the workpiece after the mirror surface is rubbed with a clean cotton cloth wheel, and the workpiece after all the previous processes are wiped clean and polished. The goal of this process is that the surface of the workpiece cannot be distinguished from the weld marks, and the workpiece polished by the waxing is polished. The brightness reaches a mirror reflection height of 8k, and the part thrown by the workpiece is almost indistinguishable from the portion that has not been thrown. A full mirror effect is achieved.

4. Instructions for waxing:

A. Ways of waxing: In general, the wool wheel is waxed before the workpiece is polished, and the polishing is started after the wool wheel is covered with blue wax.

B. Why does the high-speed motor directly drive the wool wheel to wax and polish the stainless steel workpiece to make it brighter: because the big blue wax is an oily substance, it is solid at normal temperature, it is liquid at high temperature, and the high speed motor directly drives the wool wheel. High-speed rotation When the surface of the wool wheel is stuck with large blue wax, the surface of the workpiece is ground. Due to the oiliness of the oily substance, the surface of the workpiece is brightened. Therefore, the selection of the motor for driving the wool wheel for polishing is very important. The actual use of the motor is used for polishing. The speed should be no less than 13000r/min, and its power should not be lower than 500w. When the speed is lower than this speed, the workpiece that is thrown out is not ideal in terms of brightness or mirror surface, so the general ordinary motor is difficult to meet. For its requirements, high speed motors are generally selected.

C. There are thick wheels and thin wheels in the wool wheel on the market. The choice of the wool wheel is very important. It is easy to appear after polishing with the wool wheel which is very rough with wool. In the actual production, the fine wool wheel is generally used, so the effect of throwing is good!

D. In the polishing process, it is necessary to control the pressure on the workpiece. The area of the area where the protective film is worn out by the excessive pressure of the wool wheel is too large, and even the blackening of the workpiece may occur, thereby destroying the original mirror effect of the workpiece.

E. In the process of grinding, it is necessary to continuously supply Daqingla, otherwise there will be a phenomenon of smoke from the wool wheel due to excessive temperature. The wear of the wool wheel is very serious, and the damage to stainless steel is also great.

F. For the small lines that need to be repaired in the light-emitting stage, it needs to be repaired manually. The repair work is very troublesome. If you can try not to carry out any repair work at this stage.

G. The waxing motor is generally equipped with two motors, each of which is responsible for polishing one side of the workpiece. It may be considered to add a motor with a polishing edge to increase the brightness of the edge.

H. Replace the wool wheel as appropriate.

The polishing method is basically the same as the waxing method, except that the wax in the waxing is changed to the cloth wheel in the polishing.

Polishing is the last process in the entire polishing process. It must be ensured that there will be no damage to the mirror after the workpiece is polished, otherwise it will be discarded.

A. The method of polishing is to directly install the cloth wheel on the high-speed motor to achieve high-speed rotation, wipe on the surface of the workpiece, wipe off the dirt on the workpiece and the attached large blue wax to achieve the purpose of polishing! In the actual polishing, it is often carried out with abrasive powder. The abrasive powder can remove the oily substance big blue wax. Its main function in polishing is to easily remove the blue wax adhered to the workpiece. Without the abrasive powder, the large wax on the surface of the workpiece will be difficult to remove, and it will easily stick to other places, affecting the beauty of other places.

B. In order to obtain the brightness of the workpiece in accordance with the mirror requirements, the clean condition of the cloth wheel is particularly important. In actual production, the cloth wheel should be replaced in time according to the specific situation.

Application of mirror sheet


  • Wall panel


Natural mirror stainless steel sheet

Name: David fitting center

Type: Metal wall panel

Surface: Mirror finish

Color: Natural color

Steel Grade: 304

建外SOHO大卫山道健身中心装修2.jpgRose gold mirror steel sheet

Name: David fitting center

Type: Metal wall panel

Surface: Mirror finish

Color: Rose Gold

Steel Grade: 304


Black mirror stainless steel sheet

Name: David fitting center

Type: Metal wall panel

Surface: Mirror finish

Color: Black

Steel Grade: 304

  • Metal fabrication

微信图片_20171017114503.jpgSilver mirror stainless steel pipe 

Color: Rose gold

Steel Grade: 304

HTB1TK7wSXXXXXXVXFXXq6xXFXXXC.jpg_350x350.jpgGold mirror stainless steel art horse

Color: Bright gold

Steel Grade: 304


Rose gold mirror stainless steel table

Color: Rose gold

Steel Grade: 304

  • Elevator door


Elevator 1

Type: stainless steel elevator door

Surface: mirror finish etching

Color: Rose gold series

Steel grade: 304


Elevator 2

Type: stainless steel elevator door

Surface: mirror finish etching

Color: Gold series

Steel grade: 304



Elevator 3

Type: stainless steel elevator door

Surface: mirror finish etching

Color: Red series

Steel grade: 304


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Wooden box: Strong and seaworthy + fumigated wooden box



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