Application Of Coating Technology

- May 30, 2018-

The  comparison of the DLC coating before coating, according to DLC  manufacturing companies on the principle of metal cutting studies, in  the normal cutting, DLC wear include the following: flank wear; rake  face wear, that crescent wear; Face wear at the same time.

Comparison of DLC Coated Front Coatings

According  to DLC manufacturing companies' research on the principle of metal  cutting, in normal cutting, the wear of DLC mainly includes the  following: wear of flank; wear of rake face, that is, wear of crescent  moon; wear of front and back flank.

DLC coating  technology refers to the application of a thin layer of refractory metal  or non-metallic compound, DLC coating, on the surface of hard alloy or  high speed steel (HSS) substrate with good strength and toughness. As  a chemical barrier and thermal barrier, the friction, dispersion and  chemical reaction between the DLC and the workpiece are reduced, thereby  reducing the crater wear. DLC coating has the  characteristics of high surface hardness, stable chemical properties,  heat and oxidation resistance, good wear resistance, low friction factor  and low thermal conductivity.