Characteristics And Performance Of Stainless Steel Decorative Board

- Jun 14, 2017-

For stainless steel decorative panels, their performance characteristics are common, more different aspects of the difference. Overall, the performance of stainless steel decorative panels and carbon steel and low alloy steel is very different. Therefore, to understand the performance characteristics of different types of stainless steel decorative panels, for the study and development of stainless steel decorative board production process is of great significance. The following will be the main performance of stainless steel decorative panels and stainless steel plate production process is closely related to several properties described.

1, corrosion resistance

Corrosion of metals is the phenomenon that the metal is destroyed by the chemical and electrochemical effects of the surrounding medium. The process is mainly electrochemical process. Damage caused by corrosion from the surface began, and then quickly or slowly to the internal depth. And the degree of damage, in general, is the largest surface. However, some localized corrosion phenomena, such as intergranular corrosion, do not see any damage to the surface of the surface, and corrosion along the grain boundary from the surface to the internal development, destruction of the continuity between the grain, the loss of metal strength And destruction, this damage is particularly significant in the state of force. Stainless steel decorative tube is generally resistant to corrosion, is that high chromium stainless steel decorative tube in the electrochemical process is easy to passivation, and passivation after the current density is low, passivation state potential range, and thus passivation after the corrosion rate Low, passive state of the relative stability of good.

2, antioxidant

As the stainless steel decorative plate with high chromium content and "stainless", in the air is not easy to oxidation. Oxidation does not mean that it does not oxidize, but only represents good resistance to oxidation. Because of the high chromium content, there is a chromium oxide in the surface oxide layer, which oxidizes the surface of the steel without further oxidation. Stainless steel decorative plate surface of this chromium-rich dense oxide film not only in the air to protect the steel, in acidic media is also more difficult to dissolve, which makes the stainless steel decorative plate (including steel) in the production is difficult to its Removed. So the surface of the stainless steel decorative plate pickling than carbon steel and low alloy steel stainless steel decorative plate excellent oxidation resistance in the use of high temperature is of great significance.