Color Stainless Steel Decorative Curtain Wall Advantage

- May 25, 2018-

Color stainless steel plate is a new type of decorative building material that  is widely used. The colorful appearance of colorful stainless steel  plate combines modern design concept, style and variety, so that the  application of color plate in the curtain wall is promoted under the  trend of the times. Nowadays, colored stainless steel panels have already been used as curtain wall decoration. It is a  mainstream practice, such as the Chrysler Building in New York and the  World Trade Center in New York, which are all stainless steel decorative  curtain walls. Then what are the advantages of decorative panels decorated with colored stainless steel panels?


  1. Excellent  processing performance: The most used color stainless steel plate type  is 304 stainless steel. It has excellent corrosion resistance, green  environmental protection, excellent expansion ability, and can adapt to a  variety of complex shapes, sculpture, art sculpture, shearing Processing also has a very high degree of plasticity, which allows designers to have a high degree of play.

    2.  Lighter weight and longer life: For large buildings, in addition to  reducing the basis for the load-bearing, there are excellent conditions  in the installation, and the color stainless steel plate is sound and  heat insulation, anti-corrosion performance is also very good. Maintenance  costs are also very low, long life, anti-ultraviolet radiation, surface  color can be exposed to the sun for more than ten years, the color is  still no different from just installed, so the ideal decorative material  in the designer's point of view, can be said to be dreaming .

    3.  Easy to transport and install, anti-allergic: The color stainless steel  plate is very convenient to transport due to the weight of the plate  itself, and the maintenance and cleaning is also very easy because of  the surface characteristics of the color stainless steel plate. Some  people may be allergic to the metal itself, but you don't have to worry  about using stainless steel as a decoration. The nature of stainless  steel determines that it is very "friendly" to most people.


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