Color Stainless Steel Decorative Elevator Tips

- May 24, 2018-

Whenever  we take the elevator, as long as you carefully point out will be found  in stainless steel plates decorated with elevators. In  order to pursue the aesthetics of the elevator, now colored stainless  steel panels have also joined the industry of elevator panels. But  sometimes we must pay attention to some details, otherwise it will be  counterproductive. The following color stainless steel plate  manufacturers Bohai Metal will introduce the following stainless steel  decorative elevator skills.

2.2.1_STLEVELDOORS_projects_0217_07082011_0.jpg  Mirror  stainless steel elevator decoration techniques: The four walls of the  internal bridge of the elevator should not use the entire color  stainless steel mirror panel decoration. Although the mirror panel is  used as a mirror, it feels wide and translucent, but we walk into the  elevator. It is his own image and it feels more messy. In  fact, the rear wall of the bridge can be equipped with a stainless  steel mirror panel, or it can be decorated with small mirror panels on  the walls of other bridges, and it is also artistically beautiful.

  Color stainless steel elevators should not be equipped with spotlights. The  reflective rate of stainless steel material is relatively large,  especially the mirror panel, it is easy to make people look at the  dazzling under the illumination of the spotlight. Warm-colored  stainless steel wire drawing boards, etched plates, etc. can be used,  and with light-soft acrylic lamps, it will be a lot warmer and will not  cause light pollution in a narrow space.

  The elevator hall door selects the original stainless steel mirror panel for monotonous effect. When  everyone is waiting for the elevator, standing in front of a large  white mirror, the relative view, the scene is more embarrassing. The usual practice is to etch the pattern on the mirror plate to increase the exquisite appearance of the elevator hall door. Or use a colorful stainless steel wire drawing board to decorate the elevator.

Elevator decoration must pay attention to the weight. Many of the interior floors of the elevators are decorated with natural marble, which looks very high. However, because the weight of marble is not white, increasing the load on the elevator must also reduce the crew. Its  use of colored stainless steel embossed plate is also possible, not  only can reduce the weight, but also only a few centimeters thick, the  color pattern can be produced and processed according to need, easy to  replace, does not require elevator factory special reserved thickness of  decorative decoration.

   Sightseeing  elevator decoration and decoration techniques: Sightseeing elevators are  mainly installed outside, and the emphasis is on complete exposure and  display as fashion, so the appearance of a black, greasy elevator is not  seen at all in the lift shaft. Because the sightseeing elevator is exposed to the outside, the simple decoration is easy to cause visual fatigue. If  titanium titanium stainless steel wire drawing board is used to  decorate the exterior of the elevator, the unique shape will create a  different kind of scenery for the building and expand the visual  appearance of the sightseeing elevator.