Color Stainless Steel Plate Features And Application Areas

- May 24, 2018-

With the changes of the times, there are a variety of decorative materials on the market. With the promotion of stainless steel decorative panels, it has become a synonym for durability with excellent characteristics. However,  the titanium plating process has made the stainless steel plate wear a  "colorful coat". The color stainless steel plate has been applied in  various fields because of its beautiful appearance and solid  internality. Nowadays, walking on the street, a large  number of buildings or products decorated with colored stainless steel  plates have become popular around the world.

What  are the excellent characteristics of the color stainless steel plate:  First, strong moldability: The color stainless steel plate is more  moldable. If there is no color stainless steel plate, to achieve a  better decorative effect, only the use of wooden materials to install or  It is decoration. The  appearance of colored stainless steel plate has changed this  phenomenon. Based on the strong moldability of the color stainless steel  plate, it can change the rigid defects of the installation of wooden  materials.

Second, anti-corrosion moisture: the advantages of the color  stainless steel plate in anti-corrosion and moisture proof Very prominent. Coupled with the current policy requirements, the environmental protection of decorative materials is also very high. The  color of the stainless steel plate is processed by vacuum ion plating,  and the surface color of the color stainless steel plate can be selected  according to different requirements. The  color of the surface of the colored stainless steel plate is rich and  colorful, and it is very firm, especially the drawing board or the  frosted plate, has better abrasion resistance than other surface texture  states.

Third, the color is rich, not leg color. The  color stainless steel plate is technically and artistically processed  on a stainless steel plate to make its surface a stainless steel  decorative plate with various brilliant colors. The color is blue, gray,  purple, red, green, green, golden, orange, brown And so on. The  colored stainless steel plate has strong corrosiveness, high mechanical  properties, long-term coloration of the colored surface layer, color  change depending on the light angle, and the like, and the color surface  layer can withstand a temperature of 200° C. and is resistant to salt  spray. Corrosion  performance is higher than that of ordinary stainless steels, and the  wear resistance and scratch resistance performance are equivalent to  those of vane gold coating. When bent 90°, the color layer will not be damaged.


The  color stainless steel plate can be used for decoration of hall wall  panels, ceilings, elevator panels, trunk panels, building trims, and  signboards. The use of colored stainless steel  plates to decorate the walls is not only durable and beautiful, but also  has a strong sense of the times.