Color Stainless Steel Plate Film Notes

- May 23, 2018-

It is  believed that most people in the stainless steel industry know that  after the finished stainless steel sheet is processed, it must have a  protective film on its surface. This film protects the surface of the sheet from being scratched. We must pay special attention to the film, if used improperly, it is very easy to damage the surface of the sheet. Therefore, pay attention to the following issues when filming:

1, first of all should choose a reasonable film. Common  film black and white film (black rubber surface), blue film,  transparent film, etc, commonly used thickness of 5 to 7 wire  thickness, viscosity from low viscosity to high viscosity, customers can  choose according to their needs.

2, in terms  of viscosity, the general snow sand to choose a slightly higher  viscosity film, and filaments can choose a slightly lower viscosity  film. Winter must increase viscosity, while summer can reduce viscosity. These  choices are mainly to prevent two phenomena: one is that the viscosity  is not enough for the film to fall off automatically, and the second is  that the viscosity is too large to cause film tearing and even the  phenomenon of degumming.


3, the quality of the film itself is also the focus. From  the point of view of the production process, the rubber particles in  the film are difficult to avoid, but the rubber particles have a great  influence on the subsequent stamping and drawing of the elevator  stainless steel decorative sheet. Therefore, it is necessary to make a  request for the size and quantity of the rubber particles. Can make standards according to their own quality requirements. In  the same way, inclusions, bubbles, and wrinkles in the film will affect  the quality of the product. If the customer's request is really high,  you can choose to import the film. The quality of the imported film on  the market is very good in France and Germany.

Of  course, the overcoating process can also cause bubbles or wrinkles in  the film. These quality problems are related to the operation level of  the film applicator and the staff. The machining center should avoid  similar situations.