Decorative/coloered Stainless Steel Sheets Are On Promotion From June 5 To July 5, 2018

- Jun 11, 2018-

    The midyear purchasing season is coming, and Hongsun Metal Materials company are put forward a big promotion here about all the products:


1. Foreword

Metal decorative materials are widely used in architectural decorations and at present,  varied and colorful like metal project, elevator industry, architectural industry, interior decoration, exterior wall decoration, kitchen and hotel decoration , medical apparatus and instrument, . Cause of unique gloss and color, metal represents luxury and durable which are better than other building materials

Half of the year 2018, our company grandly puts forward a big promotion.

Be the first of new designs.

More discounts for best sellers.

So many products are on sales, just take it, act now.

2. Activity subject

More discounts, more offers------ Hongsun products Midyear Purchasing Season are on hot sales promotion

Hongsun metal materials company now bring you  tangible benefits, discount, promotion, lower price and more coupons...

3. Activity purpose

The activity of promotion is to get more client resources and platform data flow, enhance customer loyalty to our products, and give more returns to all of you!

4. Activity period

June 5-July 5

5. Activity object

Wholesalers and terminal customers, architectural companies and decoration companies all over the world.

6. Promotion activity

Our respected purchasers and distributors/retail traders, during the promotion period,   

You can get more best selling models with lower expenses, we added up total 6 models of products which are sold best last 6 months and now we put forward the promotion below:


1. For Mirror Gold or/and Mirror Etched Gold series

Once your contract values are≥$10000, 3% of product values off immediately;

If your contract values are≥$100000, 5% of product values decreased right away;

For new models or new designs products, we can send samples and design installation plan to you for free.

2. For Mirror Gold Rose or/and Gold Rose original color series

For our purchasers of elevator industry, if your total values of buying metal materials are≥$10000, you can get 2% product values less in no time;

If the complete sets of elevators products total amount are≥$50000, 3% of product values deduction at once, meanwhile, bonus of elevator installation plan and you can get them for free.

3. For Hairline black color or/and Hairline original color series

Once your amount of order are≥$5000, you can get a 20 dollar coupon as your value reaches $3000 each time,  and no ceiling above.

4. For antique copper and/or antique bronze series

Dear customers, you can get 4% of price removal once your order amount are≥$150000, free of design fees, and we will supply relevant technical support.

5. For Gold Mosaic and/or White Satin No. 4 series

if $10000order amount≤$50000, you can get a 20 dollar coupon each time of reaching $5000, and no ceiling above within total promotion value

and if $50000≤order amount≤$200000, you can get 4% off, and samples for free of charge and free of samples delivery, design and installation fees without charge

6. Butterflys Flower or/and Pearl Acrylic Plate series

If $10000order value≤$50000, you can get a 20 dollar coupon as your value reaches $3000 each time.

For our new partners and new customers, you can get even more gifts, so, act now


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