Elevator Decoration Materials

- Jun 26, 2018-

Elevator decoration materials are mainly divided into stone, metal, wood, glass, artificial materials and so on.

Stone material: It is mainly used for the decoration of the car floor and the car wall. High grade material, variety, good effect

Metal material: mainly stainless steel plate, used for car wall, car door and door frame decoration. According to the degree of luxury, there are hairline board, mirror plate, mirror etching board, titanium plate, embossed board and so on.

Wood material: Mainly used for car wall, ceiling frame and floor decoration. There are many wooden materials used to decorate the car wall. Such as red dragonfly, white dragonfly, bird's eye, black walnut and even rosewood. The use of wooden materials for the decoration of cars requires fireproofing and meets the acceptance criteria for fire protection.

Glass: Includes glass, mirrors, used for car wall decoration. If mirror stainless steel can be used without mirror

Man-made materials: mainly refers to artificial materials such as translucent plates used for ceilings, translucent columns, etc. The ceiling is also divided into different grades to match different car decorations. There are also many man-made materials for the handrails on the car. Of course there are also metal and wood materials.