How Can The Color Stainless Steel Plate Be Thin?

- May 28, 2018-

Now with  the vigorous promotion of colored stainless steel decorative panels, it  has been widely used in the international community. Recently,  some customers have asked me how much color stainless steel decorative  plates can be thin. In fact, this involves many, the more thin plates  are more the technology of the postgraduates, because the thin plates  are prone to horseshoe marks, water lines, trachoma and other aspects of  the problem. Let's explain in detail below.


Everyone  should know that ordinary SUS304 stainless steel plates are all thinnest  at 0.28, which is the theoretical value usually stated, 0.3 MM plate. 201 calendar can also reach this thickness, but absolutely can not be applied to the color stainless steel plate. However,  it can be done with 201 standard materials, because the surface of the standard material is able to  carry out high-demand processing such as fine grinding.

The  0.3mm current fine grinding 8K can also fulfill this kind of  requirement, that is, as long as the fine grinding of the above plating  is completely without problems. Now titanium stainless steel plate, black titanium plate is also available. However,  the current red bronze and other general made of embossed plate,  embossed plate must be more than 0.5mm to make embossing. Therefore, embossing plating of various colors must require more than 0.5.

Therefore,  stainless steel sheets below 0.3mm are not used for processing into  colored stainless steel sheets, and thin stainless steel sheets are the  most prone to problems. Remember that horseshoe prints, watermarks, and  trachoma are difficult to solve. Want to learn more about the color stainless steel plate can contact us.