How To Distinguish Between Color Stainless Steel Plate

- May 28, 2018-

Due  to its vivid color, good workability, good corrosion resistance and  formability, the color stainless steel plate has been widely used in  many stainless steel home improvement and commercial installation  projects. How does a color stainless steel plate  distinguish between good and bad? Doris believes that the method of  identifying color stainless steel plates has the following aspects.

1, plate type:

A  good color stainless steel plate should have good diagonal tolerance  and flatness, which can be measured using a ruler and a feeler gauge. If  the plate type is poor or the diagonal line is out of tolerance, the  precision of the product will be greatly affected after the shear  bending process, thus affecting the installation accuracy and aesthetic  appearance.

2, color difference:

Xiaobian made titanium-gold plate made from vacuum ion plating as an example. At  present, the stainless steel industry uses more vacuum plating methods  for vacuum plating. The commonly used equipment is divided into vertical  furnaces and horizontal furnaces, which can be divided into large  furnaces and small furnaces according to specifications. Generally  speaking, in addition to the advanced nature of the equipment body, the  day-to-day management and monitoring of the equipment, the level of the  operator, the scientificity and effectiveness of the inspection tool  detection method, the plating time, and the rational selection of  titanium blocks affect the color difference of the titanium plate. All are factors that affect the color of the titanium plate.
18-7_副本.jpgFor  example, the color difference inspection method of the titanium plate  is mainly detected by a color difference meter. The titanium plate  produced by a good manufacturer uses a color difference meter to perform  five-way average color difference inspection. The  A, B and L values in the four corners of the plate can be controlled  within a deviation of 2%, which means that the plate is better  controlled by the color difference of the same plate, a plate on the  plate edge and the plate The color difference is basically controlled in a consistent range.

3, surface state:

Stainless  steel plate manufacturers in the production and processing and lifting  transport will go through a lot of circulation procedures, a little  carelessness may appear such as surface scratches, etc., so a sheet of  surface protection is also a standard assessment of the quality of a  titanium plate . Consumers  in the daily selection of stainless steel plate, because the human eye  is difficult to distinguish between small color, many unscrupulous  businessmen exaggerate the color purity and color of the warranty  period. In  fact, the weatherability of a titanium plate is related to many  aspects. For example, the plating method, plating time, post-plating  treatment, use environment, and subsequent maintenance and maintenance  will affect the service life and durability of a titanium plate.

Therefore,  when consumers choose to use colored stainless steel plates, do not  easily believe that the company's exaggerated propaganda, should choose  to buy in accordance with their own characteristics. As  consumers, in addition to improving their understanding of the color  stainless steel plate, it is more important to choose a reputable and  powerful brand of stainless steel plate manufacturers.