Indoor Color Stainless Steel Decorative Color Matching

- May 25, 2018-

How to use  stainless steel interior decoration? 304 stainless steel color board is  the most direct through the senses to affect people's emotions and  psychology, affecting the degree of comfort of living behavior, trigger  associations and symbols. Therefore, factors such  as the function, aesthetics, spatial form, etc. of the stainless steel  color plate interacting with such building decoration materials are  taken into consideration in the interior of the decoration room.

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Choose 304  stainless steel color plate to fully consider the function of color in  which the requirements, such as the restaurant's color to have a sense  of lust for easy meals, the color of the living room to reflect the  owner's taste and personality, to show a warm and comfortable  atmosphere, the bedroom's color to Stressed quiet, warm,  easy to fall asleep, the color of the audio-visual room to emphasize  warmth, rhythm and stimulation, the color of the children's room to  emphasize pure, childlike, bright. Determining the  tone of the color is an important means of forming the atmosphere and  individual style of the room. It is the largest color block in the room  and occupies a large area. The choice of the color of the ground and large furniture is also an important factor in determining the tone of the interior.

The 304  stainless steel color palette uses shades: warm colors make people feel  happy and happy, and cool colors make people feel calm and calm. Generally  large areas of color should not be too bright, exciting, high color  purity, small areas of color can be appropriately bright, decorated the  room, so that the interior is full of vitality. When the  304 stainless steel color plate is used, the upper part of the color is  usually light and bright, so that the indoor space will increase. If the roof is darker, it feels less depressing. Wall skirts are generally set for cleaning. Especially  in the living room, especially the living room with a lower floor  height, it is not advisable to install a wall skirt because the wall  skirt visually makes the room appear low. The skirting  board usually adopts a deeper color, or matches the color of the skirt,  or matches the color of the floor. The dark skirting board can increase  the stability of the entire color space. The carpets on the corridor stairs can be slightly higher in color and emphasize traffic lines. In  addition, the interior decoration should make full use of the products  processed by the 304 stainless steel color plate electroplating process,  so that the indoor color is more natural and clear.

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The  general steps of the color design of the interior 304 stainless steel  color plate are: from the whole to the local, from the large area to the  small area, from the site with high aesthetic requirements to the site  with low aesthetic requirements; in terms of the color relationship, the  brightness must be determined first. Then  determine the hue (cooling and warming), chroma and contrast in order.  The design should study the relationship between the color blocks and  the furnishings and the overall situation, consult the material samples  and color manuals, and cooperate with the construction site to determine  in the comparison.

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