Low-key And Mysterious Black Mirror Stainless Steel Plate Into A Decorative Popular Materials

- May 21, 2018-

 Black  mirror steel plate, that is, black mirror stainless steel plate, has  numerous titles, such as black titanium plate, black titanium plate, gun  black mirror plate, black mirror plate, black mirror stainless steel  plate, mirror plated titanium plate, etc. The contemporary hackers were low-key and mysterious and only heard their voices. However,  in the market, black mirror steel is not new, it can be said that since  the vacuum coating technology, black mirror steel plate has entered the  home life, but ordinary consumers, not many people know it.

Black  mirror steel plate is not only bright and beautiful, but also tough and  corrosion resistant. In the hands of the designer, from a single  building materials to jewelry, furniture, it is now completely beyond  the reach of home life. The application of black mirror steel in building materials was very early, but it was basically sporadic. But now it is widely used. For  example: some large thresholds, similar to the reflection effect of a  black mirror, can change the different colors with different lighting  angles, but it is not the texture of the mirror, it appears high-end  mystery. Black mirror steel plate is also widely  used in the door frames between kitchens and kitchens, the TV picture  wall is surrounded by a metal frame with fritillaria, the trim and  partition of the bookcase.


Black mirror steel is actually not the latest building material. It has been applied to door frames and baseboards very early. Black  mirror steel is stainless steel surface covered with a layer of alloy  material, such as manganese steel, Teflon material, and then bonded  together by the vacuum coating method, more resistant to corrosion than  stainless steel, while the thermal conductivity is more balanced. Similar  to the reflection effect of a black mirror, it has a high degree of  plasticity and is one of the surface materials commonly used in modern  decoration. To  put it simply, the manufacturing process is very complicated. Instead  of simply applying a layer of coloring agent on the surface of stainless  steel, it can produce colorful colors, and it needs to be achieved  through a very complicated process.

It  is understood that stainless steel plate material used in black mirror  steel has 201, 202, 304, 316, 430, etc., after vacuum coating film layer  up to 0.6um (micron) above, with strong corrosion resistance, high  mechanical properties, color surface The  layer will not fade after prolonged use, the color will change with the  illumination angle, and the color surface will be able to withstand the  temperature change of 200°C. The abrasion resistance and scratch  resistance are equivalent to those of the gold coating on the foil  layer, and can resist the salt for more than 10 years. Fog corrosion and UV light irradiation for more than 30 years does not change color. Even  if bent 90 °, the color layer will not be damaged, the most important  thing is that after the color processing can be carried out after the  conventional molding and stretching and forming processing, the reverse  side of the color can not escape.

Do not think that color mirror steel is only black, in fact it can have many colors. Black  titanium is just the most common color, because it can be integrated  with the black mirror, in fact, gun black, gold, sapphire blue, brown,  bronze, zirconium gold, rose gold, champagne, brown, brown, titanium,  grass Green, purple, purple, violet and even seven colors. If the customer needs, it can be customized. As  a building decoration material, the market for black mirror steel is  very large, but nowadays more and more black mirror steel materials are  used in jewelry and furniture.