Maintenance Of Color Stainless Steel Plate

- May 22, 2018-

Color  stainless steel plate is a new type of environmental protection  decoration material, does not contain methanol and other organic matter,  no radiation, safety fire, suitable for all kinds of large-scale  architectural decoration, entertainment venues, public facilities, new  home decoration and so on. However,  when color stainless steel plates are used, the daily maintenance and  maintenance of color plates are often overlooked. Because  the colored stainless steel plate cannot be corroded under any  conditions, the stainless steel plate can also undergo slow chemical and  electrochemical reactions with corrosive media in the presence of  corrosive media and other causes (such as scratches, splashes, etc.). Corrosion  of niobium, and corrosion under certain conditions is quite rapid and  produces embrittlement, especially pitting and crevice corrosion. What if the color stainless steel plate should be maintained and maintained?

  If  there is dust and dirt on the surface, it can be washed with weak soap  and warm water; the trademark and film can be washed with warm water and  weak detergent. Binder  components using alcohol or organic solvent scrub; surface oil, oil,  lubricating oil contamination, wipe with a soft cloth, then use neutral  detergent or ammonia solution or use special detergent to wash; if there  is acid, immediately Rinse  with water, and then dip with ammonia solution or neutral carbonated  soda solution, and then wash with neutral or warm water; stainless steel  surface with rainbow pattern, caused by excessive use of detergent or  oil, washing with warm water washable Go;  stainless steel surface rust caused by dirt, can be washed with 10%  nitric acid or grinding detergent, can also be washed with specialized  washing drugs.


Therefore,  all effective measures shall be taken during the processing of colored  stainless steel products to avoid other causes of corrosion conditions. In  fact, many rust conditions and other causes (such as scratches,  splashes, etc.) have a significant adverse effect on the appearance  quality of the product and should be overcome if necessary.