Metal Works Start To Produce

- Apr 12, 2018-

Metal works start to produce

As a salesman, got the orders is important and excited. Similarly, got customer's acceptation is more surprised.

These days, I got a wechat friend I don't familiar, he found my contact on our website, and he want me to help him to produce the stainless steel works. After talking a long time, I got his demand and situation. He found a factory to make the metal works in Guangdong before, but they spoiled everything and didn't adhere drawing and request.

The metal works he wants is a art objct that a whole stainelss steel sheet, no any weld points and seams, a reception, shelf and table. By disscussing with our professional engineers, also talking to the customer, we got the order and customer's acceptation.

The metal works will start from today. Hope we will have a good cooperation.