Midyear Discount And Promotion

- Jun 08, 2018-

Midyear Promotion of Beijing Hongsun Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is coming!

Our respected purchasers and distributors/retail traders, during the promotion period,   

You can get more best selling models with lower expenses, we added up some models of products which are sold

best last 6 months and now we put forward the promotion below:

No matter what to buy, 

8k Mirror Gold,  Etched, Gold Rose ,

Hairline black and original color,

antique copper and  bronze,

Gold Mosaic  Satin No. 4 series, all of hem,




Samples? Free!

Samples delivery? Free!

Installation plan designs, free!


And you can get more bonus like:


Just your contract value≥$3000, you can get a 10 dollar coupon each time of reaching $2000;


Once your contract values are≥$10000, 2% of contract values off immediately;

Or your contract values are≥$50000, 3% of contract values decreased right away;

If your contract values are≥$100000, 4% of contract  values deducted at once;

And if your contract values are≥$200000, 5% of contract  values down in no time;


For our new partners and new customers, you can get even more gifts, so, act now.