New Brochure, New Product Pattern

- Apr 02, 2018-

New Brochure, New product pattern

    It's the new first week of  April, also spring comes. For us, it's a busy Month.

    In April, we are preparing to make the new brochure. There will be more patterns and metallic color stainless steel samples in it.

And we lauched many different, beautiful and luxury antique and embossed series stainless steel sheet, welcome to order them.

There are some of them below.

photobank_看图王.jpg                        photobank-1_看图王.jpg

photobank-2_看图王.jpg                    photobank-3_看图王.jpg

photobank-4_看图王.jpg                                  photobank-5_看图王.jpg

photobank-6_看图王.jpg                               photobank-7_看图王.jpg

photobank-8_看图王.jpg                              photobank-9_看图王.jpg