Procurement Festival Of March Starts

- Mar 05, 2018-

Procurement Festival of March starts

Procurement Festival of March starts, there will be much more discount for stainless steel metal materials.

I. Introduction

Metallic materials are now widely used, for example: metal projects, elevator industry, construction industry, interior decoration, exterior decoration, kitchenware, hotel decoration, medical equipment, and so on. The actual requirement of home or building for using metal materials is to create a quality living environment and longing for a metal-filled life.

With the arrival of the March Purchasing Festival, we have also made a lot of promotional activities on this. With such a large discount, we hope that we can seize the opportunity and lose it.

.The theme of the event

Purchasing Festival put "price" - Hongsun hair metal material purchasing season hot promotions
With the arrival of the March purchasing season, Hongsun hair to bring you the most cost-effective gift, so Hongsun send metal material with your generous "price."

.The purpose of activities

The variety of promotional programs in various industries, consumers are also quite confused in too many choices, which also makes our brand loyalty challenged. So in this procurement section to carry out this activity, in order to obtain more customer resources and platform traffic, and ultimately get more returns.

. the event time

March 5th - March 31st

. the object of activity

Global countries in the wholesale customers and end customers, construction companies, decoration companies.


. promotional content
1. During this event, a new customer, who is the first to place a letter of credit guarantee, is entitled to a 5% discount
2. A new customer placing an order during this event will be entitled to a further 3% discount on the total amount of the order
3. During this activity, old customers can enjoy a 2% discount on their orders through credit guarantee, and at the same time give priority to production
4. During this event, all third order customers can enjoy free sample service, sample free, shipping costs borne by the company
5. During this event, all orders can enjoy a beautiful traditional Chinese gift