Procurement Tips For Colored Stainless Steel Decorative Sheets

- May 24, 2018-

With the  continuous application of colored stainless steel plates in various  decoration and decoration projects, people's attention to stainless  steel decorative plates has also been greatly improved. However, in the face of the mixed color stainless steel plate in the market, many customers feel unable to start. Today, Doris gives a brief introduction to the buying skills of color plates.


Don't be fooled by small profits. Many  buyers will make multiple comparisons when choosing stainless steel  trim panels. In the end, it is often the companies that choose to offer  low prices. At this time, problems may arise. Take 304  stainless steel plate as an example: If the manufacturer's insured price  is lower than the ordinary price of 301 material on the market, then  the buyer must be careful to distinguish it with wide-open eyes. Many of  these materials may be impersonated using stainless steel plates made  of other materials.

Observe the surface of the product carefully. Many  buyers will only pay attention to the first few sheets in the process  of picking up goods. In this case, it is very easy for suppliers to  “empty”. Buyers must carefully observe whether the  surface color of the product is smooth and bright, whether the  thickness is uniform, and whether the surface is rough or not, when the  stainless steel plate manufacturer picks up the goods.

Choose a guaranteed and excellent product, big brands are more trustworthy. The  popularity of color stainless steel products produced by a company is  reflected in the long-term use of customers in the customer base and  reflected in the customer base, so word of mouth is also a place worthy  of reference. The brand also need not say much more, just  as when we were buying clothes, many people would choose a brand-name  clothing store to buy, the purchase of stainless steel plate is the same  reason. Beijing Hongsun Metal Materials Co., Ltd. has  its own professional production base of titanium coated products and other surface treatment factories and equipment, and it is worth your  trust.