Stainless Steel Plate 304 2b Board And Ba Board What Is The Difference

- Jun 14, 2017-

Stainless steel plate 304 2b board and ba board What is the difference:

Cold rolling - annealing pickling - leveling 2B

Cold rolling - bright annealing - leveling BA

2B ordinary cold-rolled surface of stainless steel table surface (non-drawing of the kind)

BA ordinary mirror drum washing machine inner tube surface

The main difference is the annealing, 2B is the annealing, pickling, the surface has a certain degree of oxidation, darker; BA bright annealing, the surface is not oxidized, brighter.

304 stainless steel

2B board: no glossy

BA board: a little bright ordinary mirror

Stainless steel and mirror, that is, 8K board, like a mirror

BA 2B process is not the same, the finished product is not the same.

BA plate with a roughness of 0.006-0.008 work roll rolling, and vertical furnace annealing, the surface is like a mirror;

2B side Miao with roughness of 0.2-0.28 work roll rolled from the general use of horizontal back to the production, the surface is rough.