Stainless Steel Plate Manufacturer: Talk About The Advantages Of Color Stainless Steel Plate

- May 22, 2018-

With the  rise of the stainless steel industry, more and more people are now  choosing color stainless steel plates as materials for decoration and  decoration, and this trend is increasingly evident, especially in the  downtown areas of KTV, hotels, large hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. Architectural, colorful and colorful stainless steel decoration works are essential embellishment elements. It  is not unreasonable for colored stainless steel plates to stand out in  many decorative materials, because the color stainless steel plates have  advantages that cannot be compared with decorative materials such as  wood and stone:

Ⅰ:  Stainless steel is an environmentally friendly decorative material,  does not contain methanol and other organic matter, no radiation, safety  and fire prevention; most of the decoration of bars, KTV, hotels and  other entertainment venues are closed spaces, stainless steel flame  retardant naturally these are decoration The best choice.


Ⅱ: On the  basis of stainless steel, the existing stainless steel etching  technology, stainless steel precision grinding mirror, sand surface,  drawing and other processing methods, making the stainless steel plate  more and more brilliance and bright; Through the etching technology, you  can draw a variety of graphics on the stainless steel surface ,  Text, and a sense of three-dimensional, concave and convex, bid  farewell to the monotonous color and the shortcomings of the traditional  stainless steel plate. Brilliant colors and light show a magnificent visual effect, more prominent high-grade and gas field.

Ⅲ:  The color stainless steel plate is technically and artistically  processed on the stainless steel plate to make its surface a stainless  steel decorative plate with various brilliant colors. The colors are  blue, gray, purple, red, cyan, green, golden and orange. , brown and so on. The  colored stainless steel plate has strong corrosiveness, high mechanical  properties, long-term coloration of the colored surface layer, color  change depending on the light angle, and the like, and the color surface  layer can withstand a temperature of 200° C. and is resistant to salt  spray. Corrosion  performance is higher than that of ordinary stainless steels, and the  wear resistance and scratch resistance performance are equivalent to  those of vane gold coating. When bent 90°, the color layer will not be damaged.

  Ⅳ:  The color stainless steel plate has metallic luster and hardness, easy  to clean, not easy to damage and scratch; it can well compensate the  acid-base corrosion, not easy to rust.

  Ⅴ:  The color stainless steel plate is waterproof and moisture-proof.  Unlike wooden furniture and decoration engineering, it is easily  contaminated with moisture, and is easily deteriorated and rotted after  soaking in water. The  color stainless steel plate has excellent rust prevention performance,  forms a protective film on the surface of the metal and effectively  prevents the outside from corroding the inside of the metal. The service  life is greatly extended.

  The  color stainless steel plate has so many advantages that the color  stainless steel plate is widely used for large-scale architectural  decoration, hotel and building business decoration, public facilities,  new home decoration and other places of decoration, in the future  stainless steel plate will be more widely used in social life All aspects.