Stainless Steel Plate Processing Safety And Health

- Jun 14, 2017-

Stainless steel plate processing safety and health

Stainless steel plate processing should pay attention to the quality of equipment maintenance

1, size beyond the allowable deviation: the length and width of the weld, width, thickness, centerline offset, Anyang brushed stainless steel plate bending and other deviations, SCG5MMdq31MVM should strictly control the relative position of the welding parts size, qualified after the quasi-welding, OU3AA8EZG362B welding Careful operation.

2, weld cracks: In order to prevent the occurrence of cracks, should choose the appropriate welding process parameters and welding procedures to avoid the use of high current, Anyang brushed stainless steel plate do not suddenly turn off the weld joints should be lap 10 ~ 15mm, welding is not allowed to move Moving, percussive welding pieces. range

3, the surface pores: welding parts must be clean, welding process to select the appropriate welding current, reduce the welding speed, so that the pool of gas completely escape. Quality risk Stainless steel wire drawing board used in kitchen and toilet hardcover, high-grade electrical panels and so on.