Stainless Steel Protection And Precautions

- Jun 08, 2018-

Storage, lifting, transportation

(1) Storage  of stainless steel parts: There should be special storage racks. The  storage racks should be made of carbon steel or painted carbon steel  brackets or rubber mats to isolate them from other metal materials such  as carbon steel. When storing, the storage location should  be easy to lift, isolated from other material storage areas, and there  should be protective measures to avoid contamination of stainless steel  by dust, oil, and rust.

(2) Lifting of stainless steel  parts: When hoisting, use special spreaders such as lifting belts,  special chucks, etc. It is forbidden to use wire ropes to avoid  scratching the surface; and when lifting and placing, avoid scratching  due to impact collision.

(3) Transportation of stainless  steel parts: When transporting, transportation tools (such as trolleys,  car batteries, etc.) shall be used, and shall be cleaned and protected  to prevent contamination of stainless steel with dust, oil, and rust. Do not drag, avoid bumps, scratches.