Stainless Steel Protection And Precautions

- Jun 08, 2018-

(1) Processing area: The processing area of stainless steel parts should be relatively fixed. The platform of the stainless steel processing area should take isolation measures, such as laying rubber pads. The  setting management and civilized production of stainless steel  processing areas should be strengthened to avoid damage and  contamination of stainless steel parts.
(2) Cutting: Cutting of stainless steel parts is carried out by cutting or plasma cutting, sawing, etc.
A.  Shear: When cutting, it should be isolated from the feeding bracket.  The falling hopper should also be covered with a rubber pad to avoid  scratching.
B. Plasma cutting: After plasma cutting, the cutting slag should be cleaned. When batch cutting, the field should be cleared in time for the completed parts to avoid the slag slag on the workpiece.
C.  Sawing and Cutting: When sawing and cutting, the clamp should be  protected by rubber. After sawing, the oil and residue on the workpiece  should be cleaned.
(3) Machining: Stainless  steel parts should also be guarded during machining operations such as  turning and milling, and the surface of the workpiece should be cleaned  of oil, iron and other debris.