Talking About The Processing Way Of Color Stainless Steel Plate

- May 23, 2018-

What are the processing methods of the color stainless steel plate? Beijing Hongsun Metal Materials Co., Ltd. use the today's advanced and  environmentally friendly non-polluting surface treatment technology -  vacuum ion plating process (PVD) on the stainless steel surface is  coated with a layer of wear resistant, corrosion resistant, high  temperature resistant and can have different colors of dense pure metal  or Metal compound decorative board. Our  company processes all kinds of colored stainless steel plates and  products, durable, bright and colorful appearance, luxurious appearance,  excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature  resistance; at the same time, the color stainless steel with PVD coating  can completely maintain the original The surface  texture, such as titanium plate, mirror plate, frosted plate, etc., is  excellent in gloss and strength, and can be used for cutting, folding,  bending, cutting and other subsequent machining. It is an ideal new type  of environmental protection decoration material.

Beijing  Hongsun Metal Materials Co., Ltd. can machine stainless steel surface:  NO1, NO2, 8K, 2B, HL, MIRROR, mirror panel, frosted board, drawing  board, etched carved board, sandblasted board, embossed board and so on. Processable  colors: titanium gold, champagne, light bronze, zirconium gold, rose  gold, rose red, bronze, copper, gray black, gun black, purple gold, dark  brown, sapphire blue, brown, colorful, stainless steel, Brown, purple, violet, grass green and so on. We can also customize according to the patterns or drawings provided by customers.

Processing  dimensions: The conventional standard plates are 1219*2438mm,  1219*3048mm, 1500*3000mm, and various types of scale plates. The size  range is as follows: the thickness is within 0.3-3mm and the length is  within 3000mm.


Beijing  Hongsun Metals Materials Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells various stainless  steel plates for surface treatment. The steel sources come from large  steel plants such as Baosteel, TISCO, Lianzhong, Zhangpu, Jiugang, etc.,  and their quality is guaranteed. Welcome everyone to consult and discuss.