Vacuum Coating Application Explanation

- May 30, 2018-

Ion vacuum coating technology features and uses:

The PVD titanium plating technology is applied to the titanium plating of the stretching die.

In  a specific environment (pressure, temperature, electromagnetic field,  etc.), the metal is combined with a variety of gases (argon, nitrogen,  oxygen, acetylene, etc.) to form a plasma. After acceleration, the  plasma floods onto the surface of the workpiece to be plated. Firm film. The  titanium coating film layer is fine and uniform, has strong binding  force, high hardness, anticorrosion and wear resistance, has good  electrical conductivity and self-lubricating performance, and has rich  and varied color. Therefore, the vacuum titanium coating is not only an  effective means to improve the performance of the material, but also in  decoration. The same is the best choice for improving the grade and increasing the added value.