Why Color Stainless Steel Sheets Can Be Mainstream Decorative Materials Now

- May 18, 2018-

Color  stainless steel plate is usually made of austenitic stainless steel as  the substrate through the coloring process, both with fascinating  variety of color appearance, color durability, but also increase the  corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Due to its excellent performance, the color stainless steel plate makes the application of the product more and more extensive. For  example, titanium black stainless steel plate can be made into a new  type of solar collector plate, which can absorb heat efficiently. The  heat absorption rate can reach 91%--93%.

At  present, the color stainless steel plate can be used not only in the  construction industry and elevator decoration parts, but also in many  other fields. For example, nowadays in the arts  and crafts community, in particular, the combination of color stainless  steel plates and printing technology can be combined with processes such  as etching and grinding, as well as dot-spots, so that non-fading  three-dimensional relief murals and hanging screens can be produced.

In  particular, young people are now more pursuing personalization for  their own house decoration. Household appliances, cooking utensils,  kitchen equipment, bathroom appliances, etc. are decorated with colorful  stainless steel materials. The color is beautiful, and the color  stainless steel titanium black mirror panel and titanium gold etching  board are suitable. Prominent personality. Can produce a variety of characteristics of the ideal shape, so more loved by consumers.


Because the  gloss of colored stainless steel can be radiated with different light  angles, it can produce different color changes, and it can reflect the  elegant quality of decoration, such as the hall walls, ceilings,  elevators, and restaurant decorations of high-class hotels. Decorations  such as high-end venues need to pursue a noble and splendid  personality, no doubt the color stainless steel plate is the best  choice.